Easy & Simple Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19)


Item N°

Easy & Simple

  • 26017



  • ES-Buddy 1.0 Body
  • Ray Stevenson Headsculpt
  • Mechanix Wear Original Gloves


  • Sleeveless Shirt (BLK)
  • Arc’teryx LEAF Assault Shirt AR
  • Arc’teryx LEAF Drac Tactical Pants
  • LBT 0612A Riggers Belt
  • Salomon XA Pro 3D Boots


  • Ops-Core FAST Helmet
    • Tactikka Plus Torch Head Light
    • Head Light Helmet Mount
  • ESS Influx Goggles
  • LEAF Assault Balaclava

Vest and Pouches

  • BLACKHAWK! S.T.R.I.K.E Plate Carrier
    • Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag Holster AR-15 x2
    • Double Pistol Mag Pouch
    • Double Flash Bang Pouch x2
  • Heavy Duty Belt
    • Drop Leg Twin Mag Pouch
    • Gas Mask Pouch

Tactical Gear

  • LEAF Kneepads
  • Carabiner (BLK)
  • CYALUME ChemLight x5
    • Light Stick Holder
  • Apple iPhone 7Plus
  • Tri-Fold Plastic Restraints (BLK)
  • HIATT Rigid Handcuffs
    • Handcuffs Carrier


  • Tetra Terminal SRH3900 Radio
    • FMA PT Headset w/ Helmet Rail Adapter
    • COMTAC3 & Selex CT5 PTT


  • SIG Sauer MCX Carbine :switzerland: :us:
    • SOCOM Gear Lancer L5 AWM 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3+1
    • Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot Sight
      • Tango Down IO T1 Cover
    • Aimpoint 3X Magnifier w/ Samson RAM Flip to Side Mount
    • Troy Industries Folding Battle Sights
    • SureFire X400U-A LED Weapon Light w/Laser
    • BCM Gunfighter Vertical Foregrip
    • Picatinny Rail (short) x2
    • Picatinny Rail (long) x2
    • Tactical Sling
  • Glock-17 :austria:
    • Glock Mag 9×19mm (17rd) x2+1
    • SureFire X300 Tactical Light
    • Safariland 6354DOS Tactical Holster
  • Axon Taser X26P :us:
    • Cartridge x1+2
    • Taser X26/P Belt Holster
  • ARM MK13 Flash Grenade x2


  • Police Patch Small x2
  • Police Patch Big
  • CTSFO Patch
  • Thin Blue Line Union Jack Patch x2
  • Unit Patch Small x3
  • Unit Patch Big x2

The boxart looks very clean and not too loaded. It’s very Soldier Story like and closes via magnets inside the flap.

This figure has actually everything too fail. A crappy body, headphones to slide on rails, molded boots and a high pricing. However it’s my personal E&S all time favourite so far. It offers the best complete package and everything just fits perfectly together. No strange reuse of parts or anything similar.

Straight out of the box with the carabiner attached already.

The E&S Body 1.0 has quite big arms

Ray Stevenson

E&S uses a very soft plastic for their gloves, so sometimes the grip is too loose to hold a rifle properly. Mine are appropriate.

Salomon boots

Ankles are very loose. However I was adviced not to replace the 1.0 by the newer body type, because its shoulders are narrower now and the clothes might change to a more baggy fit.

Knee pads integrated

The fit around the knees can be adjusted by these straps



Helmet with light. The helmet straps from E&S always feel a bit cheap, because of their stretchy material. It doesn’t look life like, but the advantage is that any strap adjustment is never needed.

I still don’t know how to put the stickers inside. This way looked correct to me.

Headphones and Radio

The vest with Pouches and plastic Restraints attached .


Utility belt

Taser holster

Mag Pouch


Grenades Pouch

Gas Mask Pouch


Light Stick Holder

Gas Mask ( Soldier Story. I removed the blue strap around the filter. How the hell can you release a figure with a gas mask pouch but without Gas Mask? This bugged me with many figures so far)

Mobile phone (Transformers)

Speed cuffs don’t open

Light sticks

I assume they meant CYALUME not CYAMUN


Duct tape. E&S seems to provide this for every figure now. It’s a nice gesture.

A total of 2 flashbangs are provided. I got 2 additional ones to fill up the pouches. The green color is actually much lighter than it appears on the pics.

Taser X26. 3 cartridges provided. Last one I put back in the box.

This was the best 1/6 taser up to date in my opininon. Didn’t check the DID one with the 3rd SWAT figure they released recently, but it certainly excels the Modeling Toys.

Wording and Logo

Comparison to the Modeling Toys Taser. E&S has much better painting and you can remove both Cartridges.

Glock-17 is much better now compared to their first figures. They closed up to SS, but this one you can’t disassemble properly.


Mags have good detail, but not Soldier Story like. Bullet count is missing on the mags.


Please keep in mind that E&S only provides 4 mags in total however I like my pouches filled and ordered loose mags in addition.

Nice wording and logos

E&S’ trademark. The bent barrel :laughing:

Fire selector movable

Extended stock

Working charging handle.


Sling attached

Closer look at the barrel and hand guard. These keyhole shaped holes are able to hold the rails provided.

Field stripped as possible. I didn’t dare trying to remove the barrel.

T-1 Red Dot




Pins to attach to the handguard

L5 Mag

Bullet count and wording

Back up sights

Fully geared up

The whole figure

A reference pic shows clearly that this baggy fit seems to be intended

E&S teased another figure months ago, however that project might have been ditched. No news so far.


Figures are announced. The Shieldman is exactly this previewed figure with a 2.0 body and a shield.


I bought a loose shield for this figure and have now basically a 26017S, but with an E&S 1.0 body.

The cover is only wrapped around the plate. Couldn’t see if this is like the 1:1 thing on the ref pics.

The plain plate with the handle. It’s very reflective. And again I can’t say if this is style is due to the real item or not.

Cover from the inside


Easy & Simple 26017 Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Firearms Command SCO19

You’re the man for this review. Nice job.



Forgot if I mentioned this, but the older style DAM/VTS body (style that takes the same sort of head sculpts as ES) is probably the closest replacement size. Are the ankles loose on the boot side or the body side? I usually use a clear nail polish on the peg in a pinch. Glad this style of ES body is finished.



They seem to use these to garner interest on Facebook. Did the same with the Marsoc Gunner, Task Force Skipper figure, this one, and also the recent Raid figure.



The left side is more loose, so he top end that is connected to the shins. The bit connected to the boots is fine.
Do you just apply nail polish on the ball joint?



So it’s only bait?! :no_mouth:



Remove the peg then coat as needed and let dry. Some people use superglue instead. Superglue would probably be stronger if you need to move it around more for posing etc as nail polish is just an acrylic base. It’s just anything that dries on and increases the outer diameter slightly and provides a bit more friction.

As far as the ES teasers, so far they haven’t really produced anything from pictures where they show multiple figures in a series. The idea is more attractive as they can reuse a percentage of the parts.



Thanks for the advice. I’ll do later after work.

I was looking forward to another SCO19. That’s a bit disappointing.



You never know, they probably have quite a bit of the grey material, helmets, etc left over. I don’t think the SCO19 sold a ton of units as didn’t really see it in many places or parted out lots.



Then I am exclusively thinking it was their best. It didn’t come along with a kitbash look and was very close to the reference pic. And the MCX is great.



I would say it is one of their best for sure, for me their top 3 are the first Halo figure they released based on Mark Owen’s reference photos, the Raid figure, and this one. Other ones have had some cool parts and pieces but felt a bit more fantasy/freestyle in nature. The Delta SMU figure based off the Burkino Faso incident was also another good example. If they can stick more to that trend I think they can do well, especially with the improved body and sizing more consistent with other brands.



I totally agree on your top 3 figures.



Superglue works very fine judging from my first impression. Ankle is more stable now.



Glad to hear that worked out for you. Bodies are one of my pet peeves when they have a loose part somewhere.



I bought the shield from the Shieldman figure and added a small 2nd update to it at the end



I’m preparing a bash now with some parts from the ES and will add some from the SS expo figure as well. The older DAM bodies work pretty nicely as a substitute for the ES 1.0 and take up a fair bit of the bagginess. With a bid of arm padding they should be the ideal replacement. The one thing that always gets me about the ES older uniforms is the sleeves are quite long even with the original bodies.

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The review is super detailed and it’s a pleasure to discover … Taser is beautiful, but why always these horrible shoes with laces molded. I have never bought figures of this brand, but the quality seems very correct.



You usually see this with the entry to mid level products. For ES it keeps their costs down as they reuse the molds multiple times for new figures, important since the release a figure just about every month or two it seems. They probably make the best molded ones as their paint application is more consistent than most brands. If the paint isn’t done right it gets sticky when it interacts with the boot material and they start melting.

I’m sort of between two minds, on the one hand molded ones can deteriorate over time and they are also quite heavy so it makes keep poses a pain if the body joints aren’t very tight. On the other hand cloth boots like those from Soldier Story tend to be glued with less care by their OEM and regularly have really ugly glue stains, probably 50% of their production run based on my experience. DAM is very consistent now with their cloth boots (glue stains maybe less than 10% of the time) but their figures aren’t cheap and it adds to the price.

There are still some things they could correct, like a stronger plastic for the bodies so the screws that keep some of the joints tight don’t unscrew themselves, gloves that are better at holding and posing with weapons, and thinner straps for the pouches so these are easy to thread through webbing. That being said they have better quality control than both Soldier Story and DAM, especially on paint applications for head sculpts and weapon assembly. I usually only have a few defective pieces at the end of the year for ES versus many for Soldier Story, and fewer for DAM.



Good to know DAM bodies will do. The ES1.0 is a bit of a pain with its loose joints. I always found the DAM bodies too bulky but your pic shows it matches perfectly with the ES clothing from this figure. Looks like the old uniform without the brand logo on pants and shirt. I changed these on mine.
Looking forward to your bash.




Taser from ES is my favorite. Good painting, crisp details and all cartridges can be removed.
Let’s see how the one from the 26028 SWAT will turn out.