Easy & Simple Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19)


Yes…I threw away so many of those for that reason. The DAM ones are a close match for height and width, just lacking maybe a bit of the arm thickness but easy enough to fix with some padding to the upper arms if needed. Here’s another one with one of their larger fitting jackets, other than than arms and still needing some adjusting of the vest and clothing the fit is quite good. I want to track down some of the taller coo model bodies as those should be similar size, but hoping maybe slightly larger arms.

Yes, the plate carrier is nicer on SS112 as well as some of the other bits, even if SS screwed up some of the pouch sizing. The ES nylon material has a bit shinier look to it which doesn’t look as pleasing.


A small question that I have been asking for quite a long time. The Easy & Simple brand is made in asia or in United States (:drooling_face::drooling_face:), in fact these figures seem to be much more widely distributed in the United States than other brands.


Easy & Simple are based in China. Very little 1/6 product is made in the US as it would be too expensive to manufacture there. Like most brands they have a US distributor, but they are no more or less widely available to retailers. It’s up to the individual retailer as to what they will carry, and some retailers choose to specialize in certain areas or emphasize and concentrate on certain brands due to the discounts they receive for larger quantity orders or just based on what their customer base is interested in. Military figures in general are a lower priority for many of the retailers in the US, with movie figures being the main market there.


Keep us updated, please.


It is one of these cases. :mailbox: :clock1:


Pardon me for wandering into this thread, but what multicam jacket did you recently post a picture of?


Arc’Teryx Gryphon from the ES Tandem HALO figure.