Easy & Simple new gun release (Noveske rifle)

From their Facebook page.
The post says: “New Toys for Tier Ones”

I’m not an expert, so exactly what is it? Noveske?


Noveske M-LOK rail, you’re right @simo.

More for a DEVGRU I suppose.
Let’s talk the experts…


Well that was fast. Good on E&S.


This year has already been so hard on the wallet, but I can’t wait for this to come out

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Yes, this is for devgru, CAG is testing and using the knights armament sr16 cqb e3 and the other m4 release they are doing for the urgi rifle is used by army sf


Maybe this is for a new DEVGRU updated figure?

Great news and looks fantastic. I think it will be a new set with holster, pistol, etc. They say “New Toys” so i think there will be more than this Version.


Hopefully there’s a couple with different sight and stock options, in the ref pics nor operators seemed to have aim point t2’s and a bcm stock here and there, if they do pistols hopefully they do a sig legion and mabye another plain multicam jpc 2.0 with the m4 flap

…yup, that was/is fast…
but the tan/sand-colour looks ugly…judging by the pic for me to light/sandy.
in my opinion it should be more like a lighter ochre-colour.

Could be the light. I think it will be darker in hand.

More money down the drain… At least it’s for a good cause! :grin::sunglasses:


I hope they do a full figure with this now that those new Dev pictures at underway are being circulated with these new Noveskes :pray:t2:

SL-Ks in FDE are the issued stocks. T2s with the Scalar mount along with the SU292 (XPS revised) with the Larue QD mount and SU-294 (Nightforce ATACR 1-8x24) would be the correct options to go for.

Cool to see these. Can’t quite tell from the picture but it looks like the barrel color needs changing. Looks like they’ll be offering 300blk and 556 variants judging by the pmag. Would be nice little detail if they reproduce the ejection port cover reproduced if that is the case.

It it just me, or is the handguard on this rifle thicker than the ones in many of the recent reference photos?

I was just thinking the same… :rofl:

It looks too cylindrical compared to the real Noveske rail, like they just took theie Daniel Defense 416 rail and just gave it different slots. Maybe it’s just an issue with the perspective of the photo? I also hope that they include an Mlok version of the Magpul AFG with one of the variants of this rifle.

Looks like just the lighting/color finish and the perspective of the photo. If you adjust and zoom in you can see the upper and lower angles per the original rail.

Makes sense I suppose. I won’t harp on again about wanting an all black variant, but at least it won’t be too much of a challenge to repaint, so long as all the writing (fire indicator, manufacturer’s details and the like) is engraved instead of being printed on like with the 416. I will harp on about a black version of the NGAL though. At the very least an airsoft reproduction in that color seems to exist, so they could model theirs after that.

On a similar note, I’ve noticed that the Wilcox riser comes in black. Assuming I get a few of the 1/6 scale fde ones, should I make them flat black to fit in with the rest of the rifles, or go with a more metallic black like how the real one is? And just so I don’t have to make a whole new thread about this, how can I safely strip weapons and accessories of paint?

I dig it. A lot :+1: Looks to be coming on another figure, so lets see what we get this time.

Contract guns are all cerakoted FDE. All the Noveske bits exist in black format in commercial versions I guess, but they wouldn’t be accurate for a DG bash.