Easy & Simple new release - 26043A Marine Expeditionary Unit - Maritime Raid Force - VBSS

From their Facebook page:
“Coming Soon!”


E&S is gradually losing me, regarding my collecting preferences. Happy for all of you AOR1 and US lovers though.

Strange to use an MRE rail for VBSS, where limited space is given only, but seems to be legit.

YES! :blush: Finally a modern Marine from Easy&Simple. :+1:

@chpo: Marines do not have access to short barreled rilfes like the Mk18Mod0/1. They use their M4A1 for ervery type of mission. These are no KAC MRE rails but ERGO M4 Forward Rails! The pattern is MARPAT Desert and not AOR1. :wink:


The weapon looks nice. Love the handguard. I only know the old ACE Version and a 3D print from Delusional. But these are KAC MRE Rails if i am not wrong. I had no idea about the Ergo Rails. First time i heard about these.
I am curious about the look of the Figure. Marines are still missing except for MARSOC.

HELL YES!!! VBSS :money_mouth_face: hopefully some new parts


Certainly not KAC MRE!

It’s a M4A1 with an ERGO M4 Forward Rail like I said. Here are two photos:


This is the KAC MRE rail:

By now I spotted three new parts: ERGO Rail, MARPAT pattern BDU and Inforce WML Rifle Light :astonished:

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I meaned the old ACE one ;-). I expressed myself a bit misleadingly. The Damtoys 78077 is a KAC MRE rail too?

Good to know, thanks for correcting. So the ERGO is more like a quick detach thing, whereas the MRE is fixed.

Still, makes no sense to me on a ship with desert stuff and long barreled rifles.

Sorry for my misunderstood, too! :wink:

Yes, the Damtoys CAG blaster also has the KAC MRE rails. I’m using the M4s with MRE rails for my Marines at the moment. But with this release by ES I can exchange them all. :blush:

What else should they use? You can only use what you have in hand. :wink:

A big reason why is since Marine Recon doesn’t fall under socom they go off just Marine Corp budget and the Marines typically get the smallest budget of all the military branches so they don’t always get the most high speed kit as their Marsoc brothers do with the enhanced socom budget, although Recon is still an elite unit, besides, they typically wear one of the two marpat cammos just based off what aor they are in, on a ship it doesn’t really matter, so long as it isn’t high viz orange or yellow lol, and if this is based off of just a MEU vbss team they’re basically just standard infantry guys with cqb expertise, Oso is correct, they don’t get mk 18’s


Ok guys, who can find reference photos of what they believe the figure will be!!?

Found some!


First time I see INFORCE WML tactical light in 1/6 scale. :sunglasses:
THX E&S :+1:

Not a big fan of E&S, I’d rather DAM do this really. E&S only knows how to make detailed weapons.


maybe we would if dam wasn’t still riding the Russian train… :unamused: maybe one day dam will make one.


I also can‘t get myself to buy a complete e&s figure… dam is making to much things right, while e&s is making good guns… and some more up to date loose. But still diffrent shapes and quality.

Kinda makes me wonder why E&S doesn’t employ Ben Zheung, the former Soldier Story guy. They could improve a lot by imitating Soldier Story.

I think he just wanted to do his own thing after nine years as action figure designer with soldier story. He has now his own business with Figurebase. Something different but people like it. He has doing 1/6 stuff by himself like the Big6Class brand. He can now do what he want. So why should he go back to an brand like E&S? He would be a employee again and would probably not have the artistic freedom. He doesn’t have to prove anything anymore. It would be really cool to see 1/6 Figures from his own brand. That woul be a real competition with the other brands.