Easy & Simple Private Military Contractor Urban Operation Assaulter 3 Review

Well, I’ve had this one in hand a built for a while now, but I was a bit delayed getting the figure review done. So here we go. For your viewing entertainment/reading, I present the Easy & Simple Private Military Contractor Urban Operation Assaulter 3.

This fella was bought from our very own headmaster/quartermaster AdamC, back at the release date. It’s creeping up on the one year release date, and is still available at a number of places, so the review should still be fairly relevant if you were wanting to buy, or avoid based on an in hand evaluation.

Typical current box set up. Nice graphics on the outer cover. Inside we have the figure and accessories in the typical cut foam inserts.

Lets start with the head. Very well done head sculpt. The pony tail is a removable piece, and is best left off if you put on the beanie/touque on. The paint applications are really nice, and we get a very well done Asian head. The hands are also well done. But that’s where it gets weird. They don’t match in the skin tone. Also, the body did have a slightly loose torso, but once the clothing was on and snugged up, the issue is not as noticeable. That’s a bonus, as the bodies are well known for having loose joints.

The clothing. In the promo pics we’re shown an interesting hodgepodge of clothing that don’t really seem to be anything resembling any kind of actual gear used by any kind of PMC, other than an Airsofter. He comes with a black long sleeve shirt with a decent UA logo at the neck. It’s hard to see with the other gear on. The shirt is a grey tiger stripe pattern long sleeve piece. In the promo pics we see the long sleeves cut off. I kind of like the shirt, and will most likely leave the sleeves on, and not chop them short. it’s a preference thing.

The vest is a nice Ranger Green looking piece with matching pouches and groin protector.

The pants. What can I say about these pants. The best thing about them is that they are sewn very well. And the denim is nice. But that’s where I loose interest. The tan pieces look good, but don’t fit the denim in any way. The contracting colours is almost distracting. Your eyes are drawn right to the pants. Not really something you would want to wear to keep a low profile. All of the pockets work, but you can’t get into most of them because the flaps are sewn shut. I mean, why even go through the effort of making a funky pair of tactical pants, and then keep all the flaps sewn shut? The only good side to that? At least we don’t have to worry about the flaps popping open with weak velcro.

OD Belt. Nothing fancy, just a nice functional belt.

Mechanix Gloves


The morale patch is kind of neat. But after a bit of fitting stuff on the figure I noticed the bottom corner came off. I don’t even know how I knocked it off. But I did notice it’s quite easy to remove the printing after the fact. It’s screen printed onto a smooth surface, so it’s easy to rub off. Be careful with that part, and try not to handle it much.

Accessories. We get a nice respirator, sunglasses, carabiners, knife with sheath, go-Pro camera, morale patch, GPS, scissors, watch, I Phone, and tape sheet. Incendiary grenades x2, Russian fragmentation grenade, and flashbang. An Arcteryx beanie/touque, Thales comm, ear defenders with dragon detailing. And messenger bag.

The respirator is a great part, and has to be the most popular piece in the set. It’s very hard to find loose now, and sold out quickly.

Tactical messenger bag. Nicely detailed part. All the zips, straps and buckles work. One thing I noticed with this bag is the opening under the main flap. It has the opening sewn shut in the middle. It appears to be a sewing flaw, and not something that is by design. I’ll have to cut those stitches carefully to use the bag. One of the bigger side pockets in the bag is a great place to hide those nasty hands.

Glock 17 Pistol with holster, and mags. Another fine detailed pistol. The tan frame is nice. A Surefire X400 tactical light is included.

Spikes Tactical SBR. This is a very cool piece. I’m a big fan of the dark anodized appearance. Nicely detailed etchings. The muzzle device comes off, similar to the GA LVOA rifles, and has a small indexing pin to align it in the proper location. My example is a bit loose, but the forward grip piece works well at holding it on. That is the only part I found to be a bit loose. The stock has been found on a few different sets, like the FBI figure, and some of the accessory set rifles. All the rest of the accessories fit snugly, which is not the norm for E&S rifles. So, not only does it actually look great visually, it’s as good as it gets fit wise too.

Final Assembly.

So, final impressions. Overall the quality is pretty decent. The hands, sewn pocket flaps, and sewing flaws on the messenger bag are blatant QC issues. But for the most part if you ignore those, the sewing is really well done, and the hands look good. On the fashion side, this dude is a total disaster. If you look at the clothing on a piece by piece situation, it’s quite good. Add the parts together, and you are left scratching you head thinking what is this walking distraction supposed to be. If you’re breaking it down into individual parts, this guy has a bunch of cool stuff. But combined together, it’s a lot like the previous PMC Grenadier figure. Lots of cool bits, but all together in one package… not as great. Lots of potential with this one.

That being said, I actually quite enjoy the figure. And he’s going to get a wardrobe change to look a bit more professional. I foresee some new jeans, or other pants, and some nice accessories added. Maybe a helmet add-on.

Enjoy the review. If you have any questions, or your own opinions, feel free to add them here.

EDIT; Here is the original figure for reference. Aside from the shirt, it’s pretty much as advertised.


You are doing great reviews, Michael. Not my figure, but I got at least rifle, UA functional shirt and patch.

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I really enjoy your reviews, thanks for the hard work :+1:

This figure is a weird one for sure, ES must have had too much money sitting in their account.

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Thanks for the compliment. The rifle is awesome. Easily the best part of this set. And with the accessories fitting the way they do, I ended up getting another one.

Thanks for the compliment. They do take some time. I think it adds some fun to a build. And it can help to make a decision whether or not to buy for someone on the fence.

To me, it seems like most of the E&S figures are just randomly put together figures with a theme, with slight adjustments to references, right on over to straight fantasy builds like their PMC series, or like the latest Russian survivor series, which don’t seem to be based on anything real at all.

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