Easy & Simple S.A.D. Special Operation Group Low Profile Casual Version "R" review

A bit late, but here it is, the unboxing review of the Easy & Simple S.A.D. Special Operations Group Low Profile Casual Version “R”. The set has been out for a year now, and I am just getting around to opening the box. I’m a busy guy.

The original promo pics can be seen here. Easy & Simple 26038R SAD Special Operation Group

There is a Youtube video unboxing of it, not by myself, but it leaves out some details of the set. Mostly the bad stuff, but it’s quick and doesn’t dig into the set a lot. That’s where this review will help out more. It does however include a brief description of the differences with the “S” version. That will be mentioned later.

Here we go.

We get the standard magnetic closure box with slip cover. Nice graphics, and inside we get the usual cut foam inserts. Top insert for the accessories, and the bottom for the figure and larger parts.

The body. It is the Buddy 2.0 according to the promo details. It’s a hit and miss body. Nice details and poses well enough, when the joints are stiff. Unfortunately this one has loose shoulders and elbows right out of the box. The legs and hips are nice and stiff though, so that’s a good thing. The head is an early version of the S.A.D. Field Raid version, and has a very good likeness to Ewan McGregor, but doesn’t have the mole on his forehead like the Field Raid figure. Darker hair and beard. This version does have that nifty/crappy man bun that you’ll either love, or hate. The skin tone is nice, and the eyes are well done. Not feeling the very noticeable mold line across the top of the head, but if you use the helmet, it’s less of a problem, and conveniently so is the man bun if you hate that too.

You get a set of flesh tone hands, but once again the skin tone on the hands doesn’t match the head. Otherwise you can stick with the black Oakley gloved hands, which are well molded and flexible. or keep the hands away from the face and it’s not as noticeable.

The clothing. All nicely sewn stuff. No excessive threads.

The jacket is a nicely detailed piece. The pockets are non-functional, but the zipper does work. Seems like it would be a nice liner for a windbreaker. Maybe the jacket on the “S” version. Hmmmm, convenient.

We get a black t-shirt with a nice screen printed Punisher skull on it.

The jeans… well, while nicely sewn, they seem to be something more eye catching than low profile, with that woodland camo panel on them. But they do fit the casual description. Not really my thing, and it’s the one part that I don’t really like about the set, as it doesn’t seem to fit. Back pockets are functional, but front pockets are shallow, and can’t really hold anything. Also, the jeans are quite short. Either the body has longer legs, or somebody had an oops in the design, and they are not long enough. When you bend the knees, the ankles are exposed. E&S figures don’t have socks, so you get to see some “skin”. They almost seem like skinny jeans as well. They fit pretty snugly. An OD Green belt is looped through at the waist.

Nicely molded Danner boots with a logo seen on the heels. These are bootfeet.

You get some Ray Ban looking prescription glasses. They don’t quite fit properly on the nose and ears, and tip a bit. But, they do that in the promo pics as well, so you get what we’re shown. They are a nice piece, they just sit funny on the head.

Man bun details, as well as mold line on the head. If you want to pose with the man bun, you’ll find you can’t use the helmet. Unless you make a hole in the helmet. But that’s just silly talk. Take the bun off, and use the helmet to cover the hole where the bun attaches.

On to the plate carrier. I believe this is the S&S Plate Carrier. I think it has been made for an earlier S.A.D. figure, and some of the MSE (made by E&S as well) Z.E.R.T. figures, and I recall a Damtoys Ghosts version as well (which is apparently quite fragile). It’s a well made part, but the only downfall is the lack of adjustability. From my poking around with it, there are no adjustment straps at all. You can’t tighten/loosen the straps. So it’s a bit loose fitting as is. If you substitute bodies for something a bit more muscular (maybe with tighter arm joints), this problem should go away. Otherwise the details are nice, and the plastic bits are firm. There is an actual plate inside the fabric. The colour seems to be more of a khaki ( I called it baby poop brown in the promo discussion), and the 3 cell mag pouch is a combo of khaki and coyote brown. It would be nicer if it was all the coyote brown colour.

The 3 cell mag pouch is a bit of a pain to install. Okay lets be real here, a lot of a pain. It uses a plastic material on the straps that is quite slippery, and a bit of a pain to weave in and out of the frame of the plate carrier.

The buckles are a new design, and do hold fast with good friction.

On to the accessories.

A prisoner hood, for that snatch and grab mission. First time we have seen this part I believe. Nicely made part.

Load bearing belt with MOLLE loops for attaching all the fast mag pouches, and assorted pouches/bags. All in a coyote brown.

The New compact SAW. It’s quite nice. The handgrip/bipod is a bit loose on the rail. It’s a nice detail, and the bipod feature works by pulling out the legs from the handle and opening them. Full working and spring loaded charging handle. The handle came off mine, right from the box, and I am trying to figure out how it attaches. New style Trijicon optic. Laser, x2 ammo belts, ammo box( with Punisher motif) and ammo bag.

The brown ammo bag doesn’t clip into the bottom of the SAW well, and is very loose. This causes an issue when posing. The grip/bipod is a bit loose on the rail as well. The rest of the accessories are nice and snug.

Nice details molded into the receiver and handle.

Details of the top cover, and inside of the SAW.

The pistol set up. Just your average every day Glock 17, some fast mag pistol mag holders, and coyote brown holster. Gets the job done. Nothing fancy.

The holster is quite loose, so the pistol flops around, but the top retention strap keeps it from falling out.

Badges, zip cuff, tape, helmet velcro patches. I don’t imagine you see these folks wearing many ID type badges, or even morale patches. Due to the nature of the job these guys are supposed to be ghosts, and identifying features are probably only used when needed.

Radio with pouches and accessories. The PTT connection to the radio is a bit loose, as is the antenna. You can probably just glue those on, as it doesn’t make sense to take them off anyway.

Carabiner, I-watch, and Asp Scarab cutter. Two new bits that are nice to see.

Helmet and accessories. Foam padding inserts Wilcox mount and PVS-15 NVG with battery pack. x3 V-Lites, and Manta Strobe. I ended up leaving one of the V-Lites off, and not installing as per the promo pics. It seemed like an unnecessary extra part to me. All three are red. No green for some reason.

We get the H&K 416C, and bits. At first it seemed like an airsoft arrangement, but some photos popped up of a very similar mod and upgrade gear for the 416C. I quite like the SBR look of it myself, and it has been a very popular piece on the loose market.

EDIT; It looks very similar to the Maxim Defense PDW/PDX, with a slightly longer barrel.

Maybe a slight hint of Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW, but that’s a bit more of a stretch.

We get some 30 round polymer mags, 60 round Surefire mag, Vortex Razor red dot sight, iron sights, lower grip, rail inserts, and tac light with pressure switch.

Detailed printing on the lower receiver. Dust cover does open and close.

Small cap on the bottom of the grip looks like it should open, but I couldn’t get it to move.

Lower stock and sling mount details. No sling though for either weapon. That means you need to keep the pack with this guy if you want some carrying options. I think there should have been at least one sling in the set.

So, like the curious kind that we often are, I tried to see if the barrel and/or silencer came off on the H&K 416C PDW. A bit of wiggling and it came right out. The silencer didn’t come off the barrel section. There is some nice molding on the silencer itself.

Fast mag holder with magazine.

Built up H&K 416C. The Vortex sight is nicely done, even if it’s a lower end piece of gear. I opted to fit the taclight to the right side of the front end so it didn’t interfere with the lower grip piece. That lower grip piece presses right into the slots in the handguard, as do the rail sections. We get the Surefire 60 round magazine and 4 polymer magazines (sorry, I can’t remember the brand name). The stock does extend, but the plastic rails are quite flimsy, and it’s best if you leave it collapsed.

This was the main selling feature for me. I do like my compact rifles, and this checked a lot of boxes for me. The build quality was just another high point this time as E&S rifles aren’t known for having a lot of snug fitting accessories.

Helmet details. Comes with a nice Wilcox NVG mount that actually clicks right into the helmet. The NVG mount moves front and aft in it’s rail. The PVS-15 is a bit loose on the mount, but the bungees should keep it in place… Should being the key word here. The units move in and out to fit properly for eye spacing. Nice elastic black straps and buckle (seen later).

Here is why the bungees fail. The left side has a proper mounting hole for the bungee to hook onto. Unfortunately there is a molding issue on the PVS-15, and there is nothing for the hook to grab on to. I hope this is a flaw on just my sample, and not the whole run of figures. This would have been something to look into when the figure was fresh, and not a year after release. Probably not much that can be done now for a replacement, or even finding one.

Harris Radio details.

S.A.D. Badges.

Details of the MOLLE straps on the place carrier. These were actually a bit more of a headache to weave than the usual straps. The black plastic strips are quite smooth and slightly wider than the slots they are to fit through. This made grabbing on to them with the tweezers a bit of a chore. Evan more so to try and stuff them through the loops. This was easily the longest part of this build, and pretty frustrating. I had to set it down once and work on something else. I don’t do that often.

The mounting of the watch. The strap is a bit short, and almost doesn’t fit over the wrist. It will fall off if it’s left out in the open. I pulled the jacket sleeve over it to help hold it onto the wrist.

Fast mag, and assorted pouches woven into the belt.

A bit hard to see, but this is the loose fitting detail of the vest straps.

The Arc’teryx Khard 60 Backpack in black. Another well made part. All the zips, straps and buckles work like they should. Lots of space to store any unused parts, or extra accessories you want this operator to carry… and never be seen again. :sunglasses:

Detail of those short legs on the jeans with the knee bent.

Build up details.

Everything fits together well. With the exception of the PVS-15. That molding flaw means the NOD keep falling off.

I ended up not fitting the PTT switch because the radio pouch is mounted too far back and the cord doesn’t reach where I have it positioned. That’s a do over when I swap bodies and refine the gear positioning. The ear buds did fit okay though.

The shorter beard means the helmet and straps fit quite well. It may fit quite a bit more snugly with the foam inserts inside. The beard is just the right size and detail to not foul up any of the helmet details.

Loose shoulders and elbows mean this fellow can’t shoulder a weapon. Luckily I do have a better spare E&S body to swap out for this one, and fitting should get better when I get into the fine tuning stage, and body swap.

Overall it’s a decent set. The jeans are weird, but well made (I’ll be swapping those out, they are not my cup of tea. I have a pair from the S version, with no camo panel on them). The typical loose body joints is annoying. And the flawed PVS-15 is a setback.

Other than those little detractors, the set is quite nice. Lots of interesting bits. It is made pretty well for the most part. I don’t even mind the man bun. The figure can be used with or without the helmet, and looks good either way. It’s lightly loaded for that “casual” look. It has a lot less gear than the Field Raid version, but that works in it’s favour, and you can always add some gear. Like a GPS, pens, cell phone, knife (why does he not have a knife?), maps… All that stuff would have to get tucked away in the pack anyway.

I hope you enjoyed the read. If you have some more details, comments, criticisms, questions…feel free to add them here.

I did pick up some of the “S” version parts as well. I’ll add an assessment of those shortly. In hindsight, I probably should have got the “S” version instead, as it’s a more cohesive set, and just picked up the loose bits that are different in this one. Oops.


So the differences in the “S” set are as follows; it’s actually labelled as a HALO insertion version, so you get some more gear in the set as well.

The brown bits are all swapped with grey or black ones.

The jacket in this one gets replaced with a windbreaker style jacket with a hood.

The NOD is changed to the GPNVG-18 on this version. In black. Those sold out fast loose as well.

Here are some some pictures of the loose bits I have managed to grab.

Jeans are just regular jeans with no camo panel on them. Much more respectable looking. I suspect they will be short as well, but I’ll know when I swap out the “R” version jeans.

S.A.D. Special Operations Group Low Profile Casual Version S 2 s

The HALO gear, including parachute, altimeter, alarms, GPS, breathing oxygen tank and mask… you get the idea. I put a bid on auction for the parachute, and nobody else bid on it, so I got it for a very reasonable deal.

Here is the full size H&K416 which is gorgeous. The paint looks amazing in hand. I haven’t located one of the drum mags for it yet, but I am still hunting. They sell for stupid money loose. I got very lucky on an auction on this one. If it had the drum mag, I probably would have paid a lot more.

The short rail section for the bottom of the handguard isn’t the right size and just falls out, which means I’ll need to glue that on if I want to use the forward grip. The scope, and laser/light combo are also really loose. The scope can jam up against the offset T1, and that holds it in place. All the rest of the accessories are good and snug as they should be.

Lots of small print and molding details on the rifle and all the parts.

I’ll have to mover the laser/light unit. It blocks the T1 Micro back up sight with it on the top rail section.

QR Code decals.

Combination of black plate carrier, and wolf grey pouches. A much nicer combo for Low Profile work.


Great review Mike! Very detailed pics!

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I have this Figure too. Great review and very good Detail photos. The weapons are awsome. I have used the jeans with Camo for a Vietnam Seal. Makes a lot more sense than with this figure from E&S. Not really ERDL camo but works fine.
The Weapon from the HALO Version is being sold for much money on the bay. Very difficult to come by and sells well.

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Thanks Dave.

The camo would be more 80’s woodland pattern, but I can see how it would work.

The weapons are really well done in this set, and the HALO version. Only the brown ammo box was disappointing, but it can be sorted out. I managed to get lucky on an auction for the HALO version 416, and I really can’t complain for $30 USD. It almost felt like stealing LOL.

You mean this drum mag? All of the new sets come with a drum mag :grin:

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Yep, those ones haha.

Expect to pay handsomely for those loose.