Easy & Simple S.A.D. Special Operations Group Field Raid Version S Review

Here we go, the unboxing review of the Easy & Simple S.A.D. Special Operations Group Field Raid Version S. The S version is the special version of the two, and if memory serves there were only 300 pieces made of this version. I went with this version because the gear was more appealing to me than another desert figure of the regular version. Personal preference more than the lower production number of the S version.

Lets get into this.

This landed back in early Feb. But I am just getting to it now. When it was first opened, it had a heavy chemical smell to it, and it was quite off-putting, so I set it aside to air out a bit. Work and family stuff got going, and blah blah … just getting back to this. So, nothing new with the packaging. Nice slip cover over a small matte black box with cut foam inserts carrying the contents.

The uniform. The S version has the green Tiger Stripe uniform. It’s a bold pattern, with the tan on it being quite light in comparison to the dark green and black. Included is a black belt, and Multicam Naval Jumpable Plate Carrier (NJPC). Black Oakley gloves and black boots. The green under shirt is also exclusive to the figure.

Everything is well sewn, and for the most part all the velcro patches and flap closures work pretty well this time, with the exception of one of the leg flaps which keeps coming loose. The pockets are all functional on both the pants and shirt, but the pocket flaps on the pants are sewn shut, and that makes almost all the pockets unusable unless you want to struggle to get things in and then back out of them. The pocket flaps on the shirt are only sewn on one side, which makes them at least usable.

But here’s where the uniform goes sideways. There are small blue marking around almost all of the pockets. These are marking which are used to locate the pockets for sewing. They’re on both the pants and the shirt. I hope there is some way to wash these marks off or remove them.

The undershirt remained hidden for the photos, so for now this will remain hidden. It is also well sewn and does not suffer the blue marks of sewing that the pockets on the uniform has

The NJPC is really nice. The sewing is good once again. I am going to have to do some looking into adjustments for size. It’s a bit loose on the figure. And in my haste to get it built up and pics taken, I wasn’t looking for an adjusting detail to tighten up the straps. So for now it sits a bit loosely on the torso. The front pouch has cover flaps for 3 magazines, but the pouch is not separated into individual pockets, so the magazines just float around in there. The main pocket is also a central flap of the NJPC which covers the side adjustment straps. On each side of the center pocket is a larger pocket that is used for the comms included in the kit.

The single badge in the set is some type of Arabic script on an AOR-1 background.

The body. The joints are actually quite snug on this one. Which is not the norm for E&S. This one will hold poses well.

The head. Most companies try and do some type of celebrity look alike. When it was first announced, I was wondering what it was. In hand it is blatantly a heavily bearded version of Ewan McGregor. The beard is big, and the hair is a lot darker, but it is definitely him. It even has the mole on his forehead, even if it’s not painted. The only shortcoming I have with the head comes with fitting other parts. I’ll get to that in a bit, so read on. And the very obvious mold line around the head.

The skin tone is nice and has small flecks of tint in it like freckles. But the hands are a just slightly lighter tone than the head. Not as noticeable as the PMC Assaulter 3 flaw, but still noticeable.

Blue marks on the uniform pockets. From a distance, not easy to see. Up close they’re glaringly obvious.

The pekol hat. Nicely sewn part with a slightly elastic edge. It’s snug and just barely goes over Ewan’s hairdo. But it stays in place, and you can kind of shape it.

The shawl is a nice piece as well. Well Sewn. Some nice decorative trimming. The wire inside the edge is prefect. Pretty much necessary. It can be draped over the shoulders and pack. Over the head it you were to go with a concealment factor. Excellent and very welcome detail.

The helmet is a black Airframe with tan rails and NOD mount. Over top is a black mesh with velcro patches for accessories. The accessories are the typical Manta strobe, and V-lites, but the backs are adhesive, and not velcro patches. So you’re committed with them if you install them on the helmet. At least until the glue dries and they fall off… which they most likely will when attaching adhesive bits to mesh fabric.

The NOD mount doesn’t work well. The mount on the helmet is soft and flexible, but it’s too big to get the hard mount to fit without doing some trimming. It will have to be trimmed back so the mount can “click” into place properly. Otherwise the set up is nice, with a battery pack on the back, and cords to the PVS-15 NVG.

Tan straps on a black helmet… should have gone with black in my opinion. But they work well.

NOD mount, as mentioned above.

Here’s where the big beard gets weird. Being a hard molded beard, it makes getting the helmet strap to sit just right a bit of a challenge. And it doesn’t look quite right when the head is on the body. I was able to pull the head off to mount the helmet to the head, and that helmet with fitting.

There is also a slight gap that would fit better with the supplied foam helmet liner inserts. Ewan’s got some big hair, and it fills the helmet quite well.

Beard, and strap/buckle detail. Also the badge detail.

Shotgun shell holder, Pistol magazine holder, and side vest details. The pistol silencer is jammed into a pocket that is still not deep enough to fit it. More on that later. Excuse me sir, is that a silencer in your pocket, or are you… trying to find somewhere to carry it?

NJPC Vest Attachment details.

More of the shotgun shell holder details. At first I was trying to figure out how this was mounted. The side straps of the vest separate a bit and act as MOLLE loops so the holder can be woven into the side straps.

Hydration pouch carrier. I weaves onto the back of the NJPC. No actual hydration bag included, just the insulated straw/tube with mouthpiece valve.

The pack is well done. I forget the name of this one. It’s a different material than the vest, and does a good job of simulating the Cordura type material often used on packs. It has a crinkly texture and sound when handling it. All the zips, snaps, buckles and straps work. [EDIT; The pack is a Mystery Ranch 6500, thanks Canuck.]

Nice padded back area. Big chunky padded area so Ewan doesn’t get sore lugging that pack around.

The hip pads sit over top of the pistol magazine holder and holster as well on the other side. If you decide to pose with the pack, you’ll want to remove those bits, as the pack waist straps sit funny, and a real person would have issues accessing those, and most likely not be comfortable. So why would you want one of your Joes to be uncomfortable? :wink:

The draped shawl. The wired edge helps to make it settle nicely.

The Comms. Well, where do I begin? If Ewan was bald this would probably work better. But it doesn’t work at all. I was thinking maybe I could slide the earphones down the wires a bit, but they didn’t move. I might have to try a bit more brute force and ignorance.

The other issue it that the headset padding is bulky. This causes interference with the helmet, so you would have to leave the helmet liner pads out to get this to work.

It’s a nice set up with the PTT set up, and open ear headphones. But it is definitely going to take some more fiddling with to figure out how to get this to work properly. Even the promo pics show the headset on, and the helmet sitting quite high on the head.

[EDIT; All the fit issues aside, it’s actually a well made part, and looks really nice, but would probably work best on a bald headed figure or one with a smaller hairdo.]

The Rifle and bits. We get a nicely camo’ed AK version. Details are nicely molded and paint applications are well done. Included is an ACOG with red dot back up. PEQ laser. Forward grip. x4 extra black P-Mags. And a silencer. Oddly with this set, the AK does not have a sling, and the sling included in the set only really works well with the Benelli. I think both rifles should have a sling.

The silencer does not fit on the barrel. It’s so loose it falls off. It will require shimming to keep it from falling off. Pretty much a useless part if you don’t do that.

Top cover opens and reveals the spring and action. It’s a bit loose and keeps opening up. The optic hold it down well enough though.

The accessories fit snugly on this rifle for a change, and that could be the paint job working in it’s favour. I won’t complain. Although the single painted magazine is actually more loose fitting than the P-mags.

Folding stock detail is snug, and will hold its position. The stock also extends.

Moving safety switch.

Magazine details. Nice molding features on both sides of the P-Mags.

Printing details on the laser.

Glock 34 pistol set up. Included is a holster, spare pair of mags, G-Code pistol mag holder, Osprey silencer and red dot optic.

[EDIT; I quite like the long barrel Glocks. This scores big points for me. Looks really nice, and no major quality issues.

If there is one issue I can mention, it’s with the silencer. There’s no pouch for it. Pants pockets are unusable as mentioned above. The comms pouches are too loose. I suppose you could tuck it into the side pockets on the pack. It’s the only logical and usable option. If you don’t use the pack in your build, you’re out of options.]

Shotgun set up. The Benelli M4, EO Tech sight, x6 spare shotgun shells, shell holder (mentioned above), and a black sling.

The EO Tech sight is super loose and slides right off. And the action in the Benelli is also very loose, and could have benefitted from an internal spring to keep it in the closed position. It was a missed detail, or mine is missing a spring.

The stock does extend. You can do this by twisting the stock a bit to the right, then extend the stock, and rotate it back into position. This part is nice and snug and will hold its position.

Molded and printed details on the Benelli and EO Tech.

Some other included accessories. LBT Blowout Pouch in black Multicam. Tan wrist holder thingy. Spare taco mag pouch. Carabiner. LED headlamp. x2 Flahsbangs. Frag grenade. Badge. Sat phone. GPS. CAT. x4 Chem lights.

[EDIT; The blowout pouch came out in this set before the one in the URG-1 sets. As mentioned in that review, there are some well sewn details with this part, but it doesn’t function or open. It should probably be attached to the belt at the back. But it does have straps to attach to MOLLE loops, so I attached it to the back of the hydration pack. But that location causes the backpack to sit funny, so it’s probably not a great location if you plan to use the pack. It’ll require some dismantling and refitting to put on the back of the belt.

I just noticed something. This figure doesn’t have a knife. I’m sure there 's one in my spares bin.]

PRC 152 comm and headset with PTT switch. Map. Phrase sheet. Tape sheet. Shemaugh. Hydration pouch bag (as mentioned above).

I will probably end up copying the original map and phrase sheet to cut up and add into the wrist pouch, as I don’t want to fold or destroy those by cutting them up or folding, and having them too thick to fit the wrist pouch.

Neck socket detail. The plastic itself has the flecks of tint in it and gives the freckled appearance. So it’s not just a paint application.

After messing about with fitting all the various bits, I found these parts were pretty much bonus parts, and would have just added clutter and bulk onto the figure. But you can always find a way to add them if you prefer that.

Some posing with various gear bits.

For your bonus viewing pleasure, some of the desert bits from the R Version of this figure.

In the R Version you get the Desert Tiger Stripe uniform with a green belt this time, instead of black.

The tan T-shirt this time instead of the green T-shirt of the S Version.

We are cursed with the same blue pocket markings on the uniform. But this time we get red as well.

This version gets an H&K416 rifle with M320 UGL, Schmidt and Bender scope. PEQ laser. Tac Light. ReadyMag holder. P-Mags and standard mags. Iron sights. x3 40mm grenades.

Typical printing and molding details are all well done.

But this version has loose accessories. The front iron sight, S&B scope, UGL and stock are all loose. Like completely falling off loose, especially if you tip the rifle into any vertical position. Boooooooo. The silencer, and rear iron sight and laser are snug. The laser and rear sight hold the S&B scope on. The rest is a pain. And the tac light should press into the slot in the fore-end but it doesn’t. That will need trimming to fit properly.

Same Glock34 with a tanodized Osprey silencer, and FDE holster.

So here we are at the end. It’s a fairly decent set with a fairly cohesive theme and execution. The gear and colours were chosen well, and work good with the overall theme of the set. It’s going to need some serious fine tuning to get some of the more finicky bits to get working properly, and to look good. You do get a lot of parts in the set, and to be honest, it’s probably best to pick a style and gear up accordingly. All tactical gear, or with the Pakol hat and shawl. Packing for a long hike to an assault, or moving with lighter gear load for a shoot out. Have fun with it. If you get bored of one look, try another.

Weak points here are uniform markings for the pockets, typical loose accessories for the weapons, and that crazy poor fitting headset. Those a pretty glaring flaws. While E&S continues to have issues with loose bit on the weapons, the marks on the uniforms is a pretty poor QC miss. And the headset seems like a miss in design. Great head… great comms pieces… add them together… and two seemingly good rights make a wrong. That shouldn’t happen.

The rest of the odd stuff is just going to be a lot of messing around and fine tuning to get the figure into a more presentable looking appearance and fit. I got a bit cranky putting this one together, because of the fitting and design choices. It made assembly and taking photos a bit more of a chore than fun time. And there may have been some outside influences as well. It will get sorted out in due time.

Overall I find it’s a decent set. No major buyers’ remorse. Having a body with stiff joints and the AK with mostly snug accessories was a refreshing change. And I do like a figure in Tiger Stripes. So, for the most part I would recommend the figure as a whole, and it is pretty enjoyable.

I would think the R version in Desert gear is much the same across the board. There are some gear differences as well with the other version, and those bits may have issues, or be perfectly fine as well.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to ask any questions. Or add any input, either negative or positive.

The original promo pics can be viewed here.


Great review in détail… i really like first camo :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the review. ES really needs to work on their comms, the straps on their helmets and those massively oversized boots they keep reusing. Some really nice pieces here though.

The pack is a Mystery Ranch 6500 IIRC. Costs like $1500 or something IRL

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Another great review.

I picked this guy up last month as a birthday present to myself and over all he’s less than the sum of his parts I think. The uniform is just strange, the colours seem to be really inaccurate, and all geared up he just looks awkward.

I had the same QC problems as you, and they are quite frustrating. The comms issue is inexcusable. They know it doesn’t fit the figure, they can see it in their own promo pictures. The guide markings on the pockets is really bad. Lazy.

Also dislike the enormous blocky beard they sculpted here, as a whole I wish ES would drop bearded sculpts for a while.

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Thanks for the review!!

I picked up both versions of this figure when they came out and I really like both… as long as they are put together in the lower profile setup. I stashed the helmet, headphones and backpack and all of my troubles went away.

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You’re welcome folks.

I’ve added some small details. Marked those with [EDIT] .

And also, I’ve gone back in and fixed my spelling and grammar issues. Apparently I was losing my attention while typing, and stayed up about 2 hours later than I should have before going back on work shift. Oops. All better now.

I do like Tigers, but this style is a bit odd for me. Maybe a good fading job is needed, or wear marks. Or a slight brown dye job to make the tan colour a bit darker. Just a preference thing for me.

Thanks on the pack info. Edited.

Most of the pieces are quite nice. But they could have made some better fitting options. If they don’t fit though they’re not much good.

Molded boots are a double edge sword for me. Lots of great detail, but you sacrifice posing, and they still look like plastic boots. I’ve never really notice a size issue. I’ll have to check that out.

Happy belated birthday to you. Good choice. Not a terrible figure, but it could have been better. I did enjoy it for the most part.

Bearded heads are good sometimes. But they lose that advantage in posing, and interference with other accessories. Basically, make the head without the beard, or choose the accessories better. They (E&S) have had quite a good run of beards lately. Maybe not for the best.

Both versions, WOW! High roller over here. :wink:

Care to share any feedback on the R version in comparison to the S version? Anything I may have missed, or would be helpful?

The backpack would be a great place to store all the unused accessories if you don’t use them. Free storage option right?

Headsculpts with small beards are tolerable , but If I want any of my figures to have nice beards, I’ll get clean shaven heads and root on my own with doll hair or Tibetan lamb fur. Looks much better, and doesn’t interfere with articulation too much if at all. (You still might have to put the helmet strap under the chin, but that’s par for the course irl as well). On the other hand I have seen some…let’s say enterprising souls on Instagram take headsculpts with molded beards and hair, then shave those parts off with razors or nippers and replace them with rooted versions.

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Great review thanks :+1:

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Great review. I gotta say E&S makes some of the best hyper-detailed weapons and it’s a shame we can only see the teeny tiny details through macro photography. One of these days I’m gonna put a paint wash to show them properly.

Awesome detailed review. :+1:
But I cannot believe the blue and red pen/marker marks on the BDU. This is frankly the first time I see such hiccup with any 1/6 manufacturer.

That’s actually a great idea with a “working” beard like that. It would look so much better with the straps, and move better as well.

Your welcome. :+1:

Thanks Doly.

That’s actually a great idea for one of the all black weapons. Some nice bright white paint in the recessed markings.

Thanks tang. I haven’t seen you in a while. I hope you’re doing well.

It’s not the first time I have seen it, but it is the worst example that I have seen of those markings.

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Haha… I picked up the woodland version and after putting it together I liked it so much I looked into the desert one and it was different enough (barely!) to warrant picking it up. You have basically the same problems with that one as the woodland one (I also had to glue the pistol mag holder on his belt when it broke, and the plastic rifle magazine holders are a little frustrating, but still work). I’m not a fan of molded gloves or boots, but the ones that come with the desert version are much better than the black ones the woodland one comes with. Better detail and less plasticy looking.

On display I shoved all of the extra bits into the Mystery Ranch pack and have it sitting next to their feet on the shelf. The headset is draped over their arm ready to be put on if they need it… hopefully they wont because the fit is terrible. Haha!

I’m torn about the woodland tiger pattern. I like that the white highlights make them look a little faded but I’m tempted to soak the entire uniform in some strong black tea to see if it will tone it down a bit. The woodland tiger uniform on my DAM CIA figure has a larger pattern and overall has much more of a greenish-yellow hue to it. Neither is perfect but they look good on the figure(s). I wish ACEWORKS would come back and show everyone once again just how tigerstripe is done. :slight_smile:


I just dug out the Desert Tiger uniform from the regular figure that I bought loose, some time ago.
Mine has some blue markings around the pockets, but fortunately, they are weak and only partially visible. No orange or pink, fortunately!

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Good to hear about the Desert version being similar. I think… :wink:

I’m on the fence about molded boots. it’s a love hate thing. I actually prefer the molded gloves to fabric as they tend to be too clunky, and bulky.

I thought about the tea dying as well, just to darken up that light tan colour. And I have to agree with you on the ACE Workshop, and also Toy Soldier tiger stripes. They’re the best ones.

Good to hear yours are a bit better.


My favorite European vendor just announced this one as loose parts, about 5-6 weeks after finally offering the boxed set. Doesn’t seem to be a sales blockbuster, even though “limited”.
Maybe reviews like this one here have discouraged some buyers. I am certainly one who is reconsidering putting down money for this one, with all the little flaws and QC issues. I guess I’ll wait for the loose item prices for the AK, the Glock, the PC, cape and pakol and then decide…
Probably, I’ll try to get my hands on the 26040S, instead.

Hi Adam, if you read this, this is just an exchange of experiences and not advertising to other sellers.

Hi MadQuack,

the Problem in Europe is the price for complete Figures. My Vendor is selling the E&S 26040A Figure for about 187€ plus shipping!. Damtoys figures now cost over 200€. So it is better for me just to order loose parts. The advantage is that he sells all parts individually, including the weapons. He even sells the add-on parts individually.



This was meant exactly, as @Col.Braddock put it, an observation for discussion.
Since I am from Germany, too, I suffer from the same problems.
In the past, buying directly from China or Hong Kong was an option, but now that the EU has legislated import taxes on all goods, 19% VAT has taken the margin out of that.
Same is true for buying from the US, unfortunately…
So, we Europeans will probably be forced to piece our figures together from loose buys, in the future…
As an afterthought: I hope to get my hands on the 26040S from anywhere at a non-ridiculous price…

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Wow, 19% VAT is quite a markup over the original price, plus whatever your current currency exchange rate is.

For me, buying the whole figure was the less expensive option than buying all the loose bits. I just bought the loose bits that were different, and appealed to me from the R version of the figure, just in case I wanted to switch it up a bit.


I think the R version was just much more desirable, especially those desert tigers. I can’t find the R version on sale at the moment, but there are several ways to get the S version.

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I think the R version fits well with current Sandbox type applications that we still see on ref websites, which would lead to better sales. The fact that there are more groups using the desert tigers right now would lead to more sales.

The S version with the different gear is what got my attention more, even if it’s less likely something that would be used or seen right now.