Easy & Simple SAS Urban Raid Figure

I have just had my figure arrive, and i do like the soft foam packaging for the pieces. As it does restrict the parts moving, so that there is less chance of anything being lost.

I am amazed at the level of detail with it. The face is well painted with a glint in the eyes, the body is heavy and feels well made. I do like the tattoos, as they look like they were painted on, rather than by using decals.

The figure has plastic moulded boots, which are well made and very realistic. But with me as usual, i am looking at seeing if i can get some replacement feet, so i can use some laced hiking boots instead.

The plastic kit pieces are well made, and very highly detailed even with clear lettering. I do like the elastic straps on the helmet, as they stretch nicely to get them fastened together. And when set around the chin, the material loses the elastic look and goes back to a scale material look.

Please Note: The silver setup hinge for the helmet night vision Goggle mount, has to be treated with great care. As it moves to allow the goggles to move up or down over the eyes. And i am most impressed that the slot on the helmet it fits into. is made of soft rubber, so with care the mount fits snugly onto the helmet.

The MTP camo pieces are well made, and i will have buy some extra small DAM MTP pouches, to see if the pattern matches and can be fitted onto the figure.

The rifle and the pistol are well made, and i am again impressed with the level of detail on them both. And how the pieces clip onto the rifle, but i did find that the scope is a little loose. But this is a good thing, as it did not have to be forced onto the top rail. The silencer is again a loose fit, but this is not a major worry.

The radio is nice, but it will take a bit of working out by me, how it and the headphones go together. And if the aerial can be folded over, as it is very long.

The best piece that i like is the radio signal jammer backpack, again this item like all of the other parts is well made. I think there is a possibly detailed item inside the main part of the backpack. But the zip will only open to a very small gap. And i am very reluctant to force it, in case i break the zip. The straps and sewing is also very well made and to scale. And like the whole figure it is made to a very high standard.

My choice of this figure against the other SAS figure made by E&S, is it is based on the more of the civilian look it has. And to me it is the sort of SAS soldier, that would pop up when you would least expect them to.

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Congrats, glad you like the figure and thanks for sharing your opinion on it. I just ordered the CRW version but got the rifle from the Urban Raid figure and it is a nice piece.

When I first saw this figure it didn’t really appeal but it has grown on me

Thanks for the write up and some tips. Please bare with me as I planned a review as well where I’ll add some pictures.

Just setting of to work this morning. Delivery guy pulled up with this figure . Only 8 hrs then I can assemble him.thanks for quick review. Sounds like another good figure from E& S

Found the same issue on all of them and have seen notes elsewhere about this.

With the boots for this figure, I said earlier that I wanted to change them for a laced pair. So I did an experiment with a pair of feet from a loose ZC Toys body I have here, I took the feet and pegs off the figure, and tried them with the E&S body.

I found that as they are, they fit into the E&S ankle joints, but they are a loose floppy fit. So, with some effort I took the foot pegs out of the E&S boots, and again with some more effort I fitted the E&S foot pegs into the ZC Toys feet.

Note, the foot pegs are a very tight fit into the feet, but as shown they can be fitted back onto the E&S ankle. So as also shown I can now fit a pair of laced hiking boots I have onto the figure.


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Good stuff Sam. I really enjoy your reviews.