Easy & Simple SCARs folding stock quality

Like several collectors I keep loose rifles in a box. To safe on space, I usually have their stocks folded/retracted. Yesterday I just took a look at my collection and unfolded some stocks.
When I came to the SCARs from the 26011 SFG Veteran and the black MK16 from the 26010 GRS figure, their pins (highlighted in pic below) just broke off in the process. I used the normal amount of force to do that. Stocks won’t remain in place anymore and I had to buy replacement, which was very annoying. Fortunately they were still available. Not a given in this hobby.

The SS SCARs are flawless regarding this matter.


I had a few bad incidents with E&S lately, which is a bit sad. They actually offer great and unique rifles and I just started liking their boxed figures as well.

That is a definite weak point on all their scars. It’s something I brought up with them when the Dragoon figure was released. You have to be super careful with them and they are best left folded in the normal locked position. Scars in general are probably the frailest of 1/6 rifles.

Although their weapons are one of the best, if not the best, I find them weak. To many piece fall off or can be broken easily.

They bring a lot of good stuff this hobby. I would dare to say that after Soldier Story they offer the best detail and features on their rifles. DAM is more sturdy and better executed, however lacks some detail here and there.
But E&S has a slight quality problem. I got really annoyed lately when breaking too stocks in a row within 5 seconds.

I need to say though that they might try to improve. The current 417 from the French figure already has a metal loop on the attachable sling mount. The earlier plastic ones popped off very often with my rifles.

It’s unfortunately a common problem across brands when you want to opt for a detailed product. That is part of the reason (cost saving being the main reason) why brands like DAM or Hot Toys sometimes opt for a less detailed weapon. Some of the problems can be mitigated with using stronger plastics. Now that dealers in China have decided that $50 - $100 is the new part out price for weapons perhaps we’ll see better materials used.

Let’s hope. The sniper rifle from the SCO19 is offered for USD106 on ebay :no_mouth:
That’s like 2/3 of the complete figure and even competes with Expo weapons. So far fortunately only a few Chinese sellers doing this. However, most rifles stepped up from USD 30 - 40. But that is sth I am not bothered with.
I would rather like them using better materials and raising the prices a bit. From experience, I usually end up with 80% of boxed figures, where stuff is broken, not well manufactured or breaks in the assembling process. Hence I need to order replacement, which means at least USD25, because of shipping.
Especially my Dam 78044: Mic w/ headphones, helmet light, pistol, NVG, but I could sew the top myself. Very expensive in the end.

Depending on the brand I would say 10-15% of figures have at least one defect. Some production runs are better than others and some specific items are notorious (for example Soldier Story always having a high percentage of their cloth boots with inexcusable glue staining) but overall that has been fairly constant. DAM in particular has been sliding on their QC for some time now, particularly with the assembly of items that consist of multiple components like NVG, pistols with optics, etc as well as QC on paint apps. Being frank, it seems like some brands have no final QC check on their product before it is boxed up.

It is a difficult one for international customers like yourself. In my opinion every brand should setup a direct parts replacement process for them to handle replacements for customers directly. If you are going to charge as much as Hot Toys you might as well offer the same service level.

Hot Toys is offering such a service?

I am just doing my SS103 review atm and glue stains are all over the place. So that’s true with SS. Also other problems, I will highlight when uploading my review.

They do, either direct through Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles, their NA distributor. Hot Toys themselves provide fairly poor service but Sideshow is top notch.

Unfortunate. Their cloth boots are often very nicely designed but something as silly as completely careless glue application lets them down far too often. In comparison with other brands this issue is far more frequent. I must have something like 30-40 boots from them like this (the Devgru Squadron Leader figure was awful for this), where with DAM I only see the occasional pair with an issue. Doesn’t help for US customers that their distributor in the US has to ship things like boots separately so they have them ripped off the figure without unlacing which often brakes the eyelets.

Sounds good and their customers will appreciate it when buying an Iron Man for USD 250. Could 1/6 military companies do that too or is their budget tighter? I mean they do dinosaurs and Transformers now.

30-40 is quite a sad number. Could be a retailer value of about USD 800.
Sometimes I can scratch off a bit with tweezers or so, but they should really care more. The SS103 and 78044B were disapointing in general QC.

I don’t see why not. They have the inventory and the lowest shipping costs in the world. They do sometimes coordinate replacements for known defective parts that had a design issue through their distributors to retailers, but I find often that the retailers just send up selling those parts rather than getting them to customers.

It is more of an issue with boots that have suede material on them as the glue sets into the material and discolors it permanently with dark stains. For pleather boots or other synthetic materials, the best way to remove glue is to heat up the area gently with a blow dryer to make the glue “tacky” again, then use a qtip to remove it. I would advise against tweezers or anything pointy as most of the synthetic materials are just a thin material over top of another material and they will peel off.

It boggles my mind that they amount of work it takes to make a pair of detailed boots they get everything right up until gluing the sole on then they splatter glue everywhere ruining the piece. It really isn’t that hard to get right.

Thanks for that. Sounds safer.

I think so too. Especially, lately when I needed to fix a lot of my figures, I value their skills with a sewing machine even more. Putting together all these small parts.