Easy & Simple Stickers - Attachement?

Hello community,

almost every Easy&Simple Box includes some stickers which I do not know where to attach?
Can you help me?!

Thank you in advance!


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Are you referring to the green ones? Not strictly needed. If you look up 100 mph tape military references you’ll see some of the different ways it gets used.

The other possibility are some of the weapons or GPNVG units that include the QR code stickers as well as other marking stickers that designate the weapon/equipment. You can refer to either their reference photos from the promotional shots or other military refences to see where they are usually placed.

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Hi Adam,

i am talking about these for example…


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Those ones would be your typical QR code and identifying labels for rifles or other equipment. The military uses those to track the individual pieces within their inventory. If you reference the below image of this MK17 you’ll note the positioning on the upper receiver of two of the stickers from your left sided example placed above the magwell and another towards the rear. If you look at them under magnification you’ll sometimes be able to pick out the military designation of the item although ES has sometimes reused the same stickers for different rifles. Occasionally the promotional photos don’t always show them attached but if you look up 1:1 references for the given item you can get an idea of where they should be placed.

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Thank you - that’s exactly what I wanted to know!