Easy & Simple Tease New SAS and French SF Figures

Originally published at: https://kitbashes.com/2017/12/11/easy-simple-tease-new-sas-french-sf-figures/

Colt Canada L119A2 Rifle Easy & Simple have teased a pair of new figures by previewing a new rifle as well as a new camo pattern as well as a new rifle. Colt Canada’s L119A2 is a rifle used by the SAS and features a distinctive monolithic upper receiver. It is difficult to make out…

I’m excited for both, I know that much. Yeah saw the teaser pics posted by Axirun and started rubbing my hands together expectantly.

When I hear French, I want a FAMAS. Only BBI released a good one so far and that Bruno figure is like a decade ago.

Some pics about the SAS so far?

Just the L119A2 rifle so far. There are another 3 figures (26020/21/22) for them to announce yet plus that French A-Tacs version.

Looks like E&S is heading the “right” direction now.