Easy & Simple The Evacuation Team SMU Teir 1 Part XII 26044A Review; The Brit

Well here it goes, the review of the Easy & Simple Special Mission Unit Tier One Operator Part XII The Evacuation Team; The Brit.

It looks like I’m the first one to do a hands on review, unless there is one done on one of the Asian forums already. I’ve seen a few built up already, but no review besides some final pics. So lets do this.

Easy & Simple has had a few changes to their logo lately. And with the announcement of the new body, changes have been loud and up front. There is a slight change to the packaging A slight textured slip cover over the box which gives it a nice look and feel, with the new logo on the back. Inside we get the familiar black box with magnetic closure, but also with the new logo.

Inside we get the familiar foam panels, with cut sections for all the bits. Nothing new, but really nothing needs to be improved upon.

Lets get into this figure. Nice Fjallraven trousers. Navy blue anorak. Black t-shirt with a nice bold screen print, that really screams British soldier. I mean the whole gear set does, but that really does.

This is the first figure with the ES Body Mk3Mod1. And to get the full appreciation for this figure, we have to start by stripping it down and going from scratch.

The wrist peg appears to be the same, a carry over from the original BBI wrists. Why change a good thing. I’ll measure them later to see if anything has changed. Also, there is the small connector in the glove/hand which looks to similar, but a bit smaller than a Hot Toys connector. Maybe we can use HT hands here, but I’ll check that later as well.

The shoulder joint appears to have been reworked.

One early complaint was the gap in the elbow joint. It’s not as refined as some other joints, but it works well, and if the figure has long sleeves or a jacket, the point is of little concern anyway because you can’t see the joint anyway.

Note the hair forearm, and small cracks at the wrist joint. I hope the cracks aren’t signs of early failures at the joint. After a fair amount of handling in the build up, they are still fine… for now.

The hip joint. This is the same as the original Mk1 body. But any issues with it are now gone, at least on this body. It’s snug, and not floppy at all, and holds position really well.

Knee joint. Nice and snug.

The Head. It’s a slight tone difference between the head and the body. It has been mentioned the head looks a lot like Jamie Bell, and it’s a pretty good likeness. In hand, I also got a slight Christopher Reeves vibe as well, but I think the likeness they were aiming for is Bell, and it’s a great looking head.

The foot pegs are rigid mounted into the ankle this time, with the typical ball connector. I will check to see differences in measurements on the next figure.

The new neck joint is a double ball connector with a moving base inside the softer plastic covered chest.

Tone differences between the relaxed hands and the body. It’s very visibly different. A lot like the last few figures. They must be trying to use up supply, because the last 3 figures I have reviewed all had the same issue with the extra hands.

Posing. The Mk3 body has a great range of motion. You can pose it really well. And the joints are really snug. Some almost too snug, as the squeak when moved, and if you’re not used to hearing that, it sounds like it’s about to break.

The neck joint had decent range of motion as well, and the head connects to the body with a snug seam, and no big gaps. Really well done. We’ll see how future heads line up on the neck, but this is a good start for the new body.

Details of the Fjallraven trousers. They are missing a few details, but for the most part, the do look really good. There were a lot of loose threads on everything, but were easily cleaned up with a lint roller. Pockets are functional. The zippers on the legs are functional, and must be for ventilation. The left thigh pocket has a velcro patch, but the right leg doesn’t. That’s for the thigh mounted mission panel.


The Anorak. Navy blue. Functioning front pocket. Side zippers for hip access. One of the off features is the leather-like collar piece. It’s actually quite rigid for a fabric part, and impedes posing of both the anorak and the head. It’s an annoying feature, and was done better on the Russian PMC Escort 26034 figure. Although the two anoraks are different models. There was talk that it was just a different colour, but it’s a different pattern and cut as well.

Urban Assault Boot. An interesting hybrid of lace up style boot, and molded bootfeet (aka Beet, if you haven’t heard the slang before). It’s supposed to be in a Multicam Black pattern, but the pattern is so faded, it mostly just looks like a dirt shoe. Either way it still looks good. Even with the excessive length of the laces. Thos will need to be cut back, but for now I just stuffed them up the pant legs.

The figure comes with a spare pair of relaxed hands, and another left grip hand in a new mold for the Mechanix gloves. As a note, the Mechanix gloved hands are very stiff and are a pain to use. Some earlier gloved hands were made of a softer material, and E&S should really go back to that material as it makes posing much easier.

FAST Ultralight Plate Carrier. Nice design and well made. Like most modern stuff, newer kit has been made by laser cutting the fabric parts, and then sewing together. The results are a more consistent looking product. As per usual, weaving the pouch straps through the loops can be a bit of a chore. Especially with the new material on the backs of the pouches/straps. It’s a kind of rubberized fabric, and is a bit stiff to work with. Add that to the tight tolerances of the laser cut sections of the vest and cummerbund, and you get some really snug straps and slots to deal with. It really adds time to building up the vest. Luckily, the front ammo pouches on the vest are done already. The rest is up to us, and where we want to put all the gear. Access to the cummerbund is from a lifted front flap. The cummerbund slides through the back panel.

One thing that has been complained about a lot is the lack of stickiness/grabbiness of the velcro patches on pouch flaps and vests, etc… on previous figures. It’s really good on this figure. All of it. Lets hope that continues on future figures.

Abdomen protection panel.

Front ammo pouches. if you wiggle them around well enough, you can fit more than one magazine into those pouches. Which means this guy can carry more ammo.

Close up of rubberized pouch straps.

I took a bit more time at the start to figure out how to lay out the gear, and properly fit all the parts on the vest. I may still fine tune it a bit, but for the most part it’s fit right where it needs to be. I chose to fit it much like the initial promo pics, with a few slight changes for personal preference. To get the vest to sit a bit lower down I opened the shoulder straps and moved them apart to get the desired drop on the vest.

Also included in the vest is a straw for a hydro pouch/Camelbak, but no pouch is included.

Leg Mounted Mission Panel. This is a new part. It attaches to the velcro patch on the left leg front pocket. It has two pockets for the pictures if subjects to be recused, and for the map. The picture an the map are included parts in the set. I’m not sure why E&S didn’t also add the velcro patch to the right leg pocket on the pants as well, then the mission panel could be switched as the buyer sees fit.

The map will need to be folded to fit the pocket on the leg panel.

Bushcraft Knife. I believe this is similar to the one on the E&S Lone Rescuer 26032 figure. The attach point is a bar with screw, that slips into the loops into the abdomen protector. I think it should be flipped over which means undoing the screw, and attaching to the sheath on the other side, as the handle of the knife is upside down when the promo pics are referenced.

Comms gear. I’ll get to the head set later. Otherwise, it’s nicely made gear. The antenna gets woven through the loops on the vest at the back left side. Or wherever you want to put it really. See above for placement.

L129A2 IUR Assault Rifle. Made by Colt Canada for the British armed forces. Close-ups show the fine etching into the upper and lower receivers. Included is the new Romeo 4T sight, new to this figure. Nice micro printing on the parts. Everything moved and is removable as it should be. For once almost all the accessories are nice and snug on the rifle. All except the AFG2 forward grip. It’s so loose it falls off if the figure is tipped. Typical. Going to have to pull out the white glue or tape trick again.

The PMag was quite tight in the rifle, most likely caused by the added thickness of the paint on the parts.

Glock 17 Pistol with RMR Red Dot sight. Nice to see the pistols finally get some attention with the addition of the sight. The 6354 DO ALS Holster is covered with a Multicam black fabric. It’s quite loose for the pistol. It looks like we may see future use of this as it’s large enough to handle a light or laser on the pistol as well. Lots of fine molded deatils and printing as well.

London Bridge Trading 8005A Assault Backpack in Multicam black. Again the pattern is very dark, and hard to see. All the zippers, straps, and buckles work. 2 main pockets to the pack. The outside pocket should be 2 separate pockets, but they are joined together.

More of that blue lint/loose threads I mentioned earlier.

Range Belt is a new part to this figure. Nice molding details.

Yates 65 Frog SF Personal Retention Lanyard

Olberrook Sunglasses. Look a lot like Ray Bans to me.

Garmin Fortex 401 GPS.Nice screen and molded details.

FAST Maritime Cut Helmet. Tac Charge helmet light, Wilcox L4G24 NVG Mount, AN-PVS15 NVG, velcro patches, and foam helmet liner pads. Also included are the V-Lite Manta Strobe light, and a pair of red V-Lites, and Blast Guage. It took a bit of time to get this all set up. You have to use the promo pics to figure out the external velcro patch layout. I used an old reference to get the inside padded foam inserts installed.

The comms headsets that mount to the helmet are a headache. The bases are tight and don’t fit well into the tracks in the helmet. They are also at the wrong angle, so they stick out. The wires holding on the ear phones are very stiff and cause issues fitting. The microphone falls off. Basically this is the worst part of the set, and it’s going to require a lot of rework to get it to fit and function properly. The left ear piece literally fell apart due to handling it so much to get it to fit on the helmet properly, and again when it was put on the head. Very frustrating.

Extra bits. Some string/ties. Pen. x4 Glow sticks. Scissors. Always present duct tape.

Patch set. I personally love the Star Wars patch. Might need a few more of those.

Due to the amount of handling/manhandling of the figure during the fitting process, I somehow managed to rub some paint off the tip of the nose. It almost looks like a small scar. It’s probably best to keep the head off until the helmet is put on the head, and all the gear attached to the body.

On to the final build and posing. The new body really shines here. E&S finally paid attention to all the complaints, and have sorted out the loose joint issues. What we get now is a nice tight jointed body that poses well and has great range of movement. All geared up, it looks really great.

The pile of loose threads, and a hair. No the hair was not mine it was in the box… Not really an add on I was wanting or expecting to find in the box.

Overall, this was an amazing figure. Much better than I was expecting it to be considering the releases I have bought over the past 2 years. The QC was really pulled up on this one. Add in the new figure design and tight jints, and this is about as good as it gets.

The comms gear, and theAFG on the rifle were the only let downs in the set, and of that, only the head set is going to require some major rework to get it to be usable. Otherwise, E&S got a home run with this figure. Or at least a solid triple.

Even with the headset snag, I’m still thinking I should buy another one of these, it’s just that good. Swap out the head, and move the gear around, and good to go for another British SF figure.

Feel free to add any questions, comments or your own pics and impressions to the review. And thanks for reading.


The figure looks good. Thanks for doing a review.

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Wow - thank you! That is what I call a detailled review! Great job! :+1:

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Great very detailed review.Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this figure.
Hope E&S are taking notes!

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Great detailed review and very cool Figure. Thanks for sharing! I do not like the black multicam from E&S. It is too “washed out” for me or better barely visible. Damtoys Version is far better.
Otherwise the backpack and boots are great done. Perhaps the best boots from E&S so far. I just have some loose parts (head, boots, trousers, Romeo 4T, backpack and PC) and these are great done. The Plate Carrier is awsome.

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Interesting to see that the rifle color is pretty close to the Lone Rescuer one. The green looked almost blueish in the E&S promo pics.

What I did was even more of a waste then, but means I can use the light switch provided with 26032 without changing color.

British Territorial SAS Nairobi Kenya January 15 2019 - Reference Media - Armed Figures

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Great review, thanks! Very detailed as always.

I have the green anorak from the Escort PMC and it is very tight-fitting on an E&S 2.0 body. This anorak appears to be cut larger.

Kind of baffling that they finally put out the Obi-Wan Nairobi/Christian Craighead rifle in mostly the right configuration (with extra magnifier and AFG that can be left off), but as Christoph noted, they did not use the correct light mount. ES 26032 got it right.

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Thanks folks, glad you enjoyed it.

I have to agree on the black Multicam. It actually looks more like black that has dirty/dusty spots, than actual camo. You have to get the angle just right to even see there is a pattern at all. I don’t have any of the others, but the DAM and Soldier Story both look better. Soldier Story might be too bright even, but at least there’s a pattern to be seen.

Have to buy a spare then for hacking up rifles to get the desired real deal. :wink:

Glad you enjoyed it

I have the green anorak as well and have taken some pics of it, I’ll get those in here later. The blue one is a bit baggy and looser fitting. The biggest complaint is that black-leather like bit at the collar, which doesn’t flex/move very much.

There have been a bunch of comparisons to the Lone Rescuer rifle. I guess the biggest thing to take away here is you could swap the parts to make the correct rifle, and then give this guy the “cast-off” parts.

Great review. The jacket is definitely a larger cut than the green version, I tried swapping them out and it’s a really tight fit on the new body. I think 3.0 has much bigger shoulders.

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Is the uhh…hood collar flap removable like on the green anorak?

The 1:1 Fjallraven Anorak no. 8’s flap buttons in place when in use and buttons to the rear inside of the hood when not in use. I don’t think it’s detachable. Actually, I think it’s part of the hood and can thus only deploy when the hood is folded down. E&S didn’t want to engineer that level of detail, hence the removable velcro flap on their green anorak.

I stand corrected, the flap can be used when the hood is up. I decided to vet my unsubstantiated claims by watching this review video: ULTIMATE DETAILED FJALLRAVEN ANORAK NO. 8 REVIEW !!! - YouTube

Still don’t think the 1:1 flap is removable.


Missed this one Mike! Great review!!!

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The black collar piece is not removable like the the green version. It’s also a bit stiff, not softer fabric like the rest of the jacket on the green version.

The jackets are 2 different designs, and the blue one is slightly larger as well. I’ll post some pics tomorrow of the green one in comparison…

That’s right, the blue one is a larger cut jacket. I haven’t tried the green one on a figure yet, but in hand the blue anorak is visibly larger.

Right on time, it was just done last week. :sunglasses: Glad you enjoyed the read.


Could you probably share an image with the pants on the figure from an lower angle? I put mine on the 26022R and they look very baggy. Is that due to the the different body used?

Hey @cdn_rhino, I can’t make it out but can you confirm what the piece highlighted below is?

I believe that was the NVG mount for the helmet.

The pants are quite baggy, and have long legs on the new figure as well. I have a spare pair of pants, so I will try them on that 26022R body and see if it’s a difference in the body.

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Hmmm, no mine was on the bottom right. Could they be the VLites?

Fjallraven Anorak No. 8 from the 26034 PMC The Escort figure.

On the blue version, there is a pocket at the seam where it is sewn under the collar. The green version has no pocket at this spot on the front. And some faux pockets (non-opening) on the green one at the sides.

The collar piece is removable on this version, and has small velcro strips on the insides of the hood.

Buttons at the sleeve cuffs instead of velcro closures on the blue one.

Pulls on the draw strings at the hood. Those are not on the blue version.

Sleeve details in the sewing.

Matched with the Fjallraven pants. A slightly darker green than the pants from this set.


That’s the only other thing that makes sense with the colour and shape.

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Great and very detailed review! I’ve got the Altama boots in MC and MC Black…they are very well done! Best boots by ES so far.


Lucky you. My pancake feet couldn’t even fit into the wide size!