Elastic bands

On quite a few IRL reference photos, I have seen operators using elastic bands in order to secure ptt devices onto plate carriers, among other uses. All but one of my 4 current tier 1 bashes are using plate carriers from very hot toys at the moment, and while it’s nice that they come in black, their quality leaves much to be desired. In this case, they have always had a fair bit of difficultly with retaining ptt devices, which makes posing my figures a big hassle. I will be upgrading all of my current bashes to PCs from either DAM and/or E&S, as those are of greater quality. Even so, I want to make sure that their radio ptts are properly secured. What size of elastic should I seek out, and what else could I use them for?

Man…I didn’t think of this! Great idea since all of the PTTs don’t stay in the position that they are made to stay in. Do you have a good reference pic(s) of this?

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The small elastic bands that dentists use on braces will work. They come in backs of several hundred, can be found at pharmacies, and are super cheap.

I used small elastic cord at some of my bashes. But the elastic bands for braces would be a good choice, too!

Thank you for the suggestions, but I must ask,

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Elastic cord? …for sure.

Elastic cord - also a great suggestion! You can rip the cordage out of vest cummerbunds, or from bootlaces, zipper pulls, etc. There are lots of 1/6th items that don’t need their elastic cordage as badly as your 'bash does.