Example of the tooling involved in producing 1/6 items

We often hear tooling talked about, but here are some shots from back in 2010 where H&G showed some of the tooling involved in one of their products, an XM107 rifle.


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Did H&G actually die? Never heard of them again. Always wanted one of their Chinese AKs Type 81

Haven’t seen anything in a few years. They’ve previewed various things that have never been released.

I wound up purchasing one of their extremely rare PKMs a few years back and have to say the quality is superb. Thanks for sharing these production shots!

It looks like a really nice piece, one of those I regret not picking up at the time. Hopefully we’ll see someone else tackle a PKM. Here are some shots from that one:

Maybe it’s a “forest for the trees” thing on my part, but the top block, and milling machine pics don’t look like they’re set for scale Barrett components. Maybe they wanted to show the tools, without the actual tool patterns?

What’s impressive, admiring as I am of precision machinery, is seeing what Jon/FullMetal can do with a drill press, and hand tools. Both machine and man, creating amazing things.

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This is a prime example of why accuracy costs so much in this hobby now. Tooling is not inexpensive.

That PKM is impressive. I have never even heard of that brand or the release of that piece. Too bad it’s long past now.

I understand that tooling is expensive, which makes me wonder why brands are not re-releasing rare and wanted items loose or in sets that are sold out everywhere otherwise. This could cover a lot of the costs.

In some cases they may not even own the tooling. It will vary by brand and item, but in some cases the actual company that makes the tooling and does the production retains ownership of the tooling in return for a reduced cost to the brand and a window of exclusivity. This is why you see some of the same items shared across multiple brands, and why Flagset and D&K Workshop got into a very public spat.

Does your PKM really come apart like the pics? I bought 2 PKM from a seller (metal elite). They only made 5 of them! Also metal and wood. Extreme quality! They even made the ammo box with bullets WITH THE EXACT BELT THAT RUSSIA USES!!! Granted they only gave like 7 bullets on the belt, but it is way too cool!

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Here is my PKM.


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