FACEPOOL FP005 Maria Vasilyena Oktyabrskaya - Soviet tank crew WWII

New announcement, I know this is not a “modern” figure, but I will see if moderators removes this post :blush:… 2 Versions

Still no announcement of a modern Russian tank crew by Damtoys, but it’s a figure I like :wink:

Nice looking model. Picked up facepool’s modern Russian female last month, quality figure. If the price is right, will most likely add this one to the collection. How could I pass up an accordion…nice wrench as well


Not just any old accordion… a “Soviet Accordion”! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I won’t be adding a WWI/II section to the site but feel free to discuss them in off topic. Please avoid posting entire image dumps of the release photos.

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