FAMAS G1 Rifle Mod

Part list

  • GIAT Industries FAMAS G2 :fr:
  • NATO STANAG mag (30rd) x3+1
  • Magpul Mag Pull
  • EOTech 511
  • Command Arms Vertical Forend Grip
  • Silencer
  • Rail x2
  • Rifle Sling

This is actually a clone from 21st Century FAMAS G2 from the Modern Foreign Weapons Set II (Base body)


and the Boford/Crossfire FAMAS (ejection port cover, barrel, trigger)

The 21st century FAMAS is very plain, but still the nicest G2 released to date. I only exchanged some parts to increase the detail.

I erased the 21st century logo. Still visible

The added ejection port cover



Working charging handle

EOTech 511


Foldable grip


Top rails. Wish I had better tools to have the parts turn out cleaner.

STANAG mags with mag pull

Rails attached to the carry handle

All attachments on the rifle

Displayed on a figure

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That has turned out quite good with all the updates. Hopefully one day we will see an update via ES or someone else.

Hope so. Only decent is from BBI atm.

But I think E&S will be the company for this, too. Like for the AUG.

Wow, nice custom work. I really like how that turned out.