Item N°


  • FP-001A


  • MVD Maska-1SCH (Министерство Внутренних Дел Маска-1Щ) :ru:
  • Visor
  • Inner linen (BLK)

They call it FP-001 and PF-001 sometimes. Maybe they don’t know themselves. However, F(ans)P(ower) makes more sense to me.

I went ahead and bought one of these helmets from a Chinese ebay like site through an agent. I guess, there is no other way to obtain these otherwise.

The contact information of the manufacturer.

To have a better idea about the dimensions, colour etc. some reference shots with a DAM Altyn helmet.

Comparison with an MCToys Altyn

All in all it’s a really nice piece. Great detail and quite unique. The quality I would say is almost on par with DAM, just the plastic feels slightly thinner and hence less sturdy, but no real concern (Fanspower is probably a well done resin item whereas DAM is better quality plastic).

As far as I can tell the four tiny screws, two located on each side of the visor, are made from metal. Some weathering is present as well.

The inner linen is neat and excels DAM’s product. It’s secured via two velcros inside the helmet. From what I have seen on google it’s close to the 1/1 product. Just not red or blue colored like the very first 1/1 issues.

The strap is secured on the back inside the linen

From the inside

To give you a feeling of the complete look I posed with a Russian figure

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More to come in July :hugs:

Bad news. I browsed Taobao lately and also contacted some agents , but the seller can’t be reached anymore. Also his Fanspower shop on Taobao is down. No more masks I guess.

Nice to see you got one(?). They contacted me months ago, said they’d get back to me. I figured this one had started as a great idea, then sputtered. Fortunately, there’s been a lot of good helmets available, including KGB’s fine Sphera. Recent modern-wise, Western specops helmets provide a good alternative.

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The told me that as well, but never got through to them anymore ever since. Can’t remember how many mails I sent them. Wanted the B version, too.

The KGB Sphera is actually very nice. One of their best items in my opinion.

At least now we have the black and white maska from Very cool. Just repaint it and it’s about the same.

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