FBI Critical Incident Response Group (re-upload)

FBI Critical Incident Response Group | 2017 Unedited Photoshoot | EchoFigure

Re-upload with quite a few photos missed the first time around. Originally, as a new member, I could only post one pic to the thread. This is the result from my first rough shoot.

I am planning on an update shoot one of these days… I think I might wait until the MiniTimes shoot-house is released.

With that said, I’ve also gone though over the years and changed a few figures here and there and even got rid of a few. I’ve tweaked and customized every setup so each figure is unique to a role: Breacher, Point man, Overwatch Sharpshooter, etc…

Eventually each operator will get their own photoshoot that will include added backgrounds, filters, closeups, etc. (so stay tuned).

Thank you for your interest and feel free to share!



Wow, that’s an amazing group of FBI agents Wally. Great pics and poses as well.

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Amazing squad and what attention to detail! I try to do the same to my figures but fall far short in terms of details.

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Wow…this is cool… so cool… For a second there, I thought that this was a real 1:1 size… but I looked at the second, and third pics and realized that they were at 1/6 scale… LOL!

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Finally got my camera back I used for this shoot, I loaned it to a sibling who went off to college… So plan on more photo dumps to come in the future! Closeups will be a lot better quality, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep tricking everyone with the scale size lol.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:thanks for share, those photos are amazing!

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