Figures I have been working on

Here are several additional figures I’d been working on. It took a while to collect most of the parts, and then I had to decide what figure bodies to try and get to use. So I mixed it up a little and went with a Dragon, a DAM, and an SS figure. Still got some additional work to do (and I’ve got to take a few more pix) but please tell me what you think so far. I’ve still got some weathering to do on all of the figures, but so far I think they’ve come out pretty good. And I have a shot or two of the masked figure with a weapon I’ll add/upload at some point as well.



Great looking figures! I really like the ATACS combats especially

Yeah, the ATACS look really cool.

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great work BravoBob. Which figure those A-tacs combats come with? Is it one of those Chinese PLA DamToys lately released ones? I would like to fetch me some of them.


They are from this release here.

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