Finally, an updated Striker-type shotgun in 1:6!


For years, the only Striker/Protecta-series shotguns in the scale were those produced by 21C, two American-made stockless Sentinel Arms Striker-12s with differing barrel lengths, and a third weird ultra-short version that as far as I can tell has no basis in reality.

They’re…pretty crappy. One-piece molds, soft on details, no folding stocks. But they were the only ones.

DAM’s just announced the first member of the Club family, Club 2 Van Ness, in their Gangster’s Kingdom line, and he is toting a Striker-12! 12-inch barrel, folding stock, and…some weird muzzle device that I hope is removable. I can’t wait to have several shotguns in-hand.

Okay, yeah, this line of shotguns is known to be pretty crappy as far as real-world applications are concerned. But damn if they aren’t iconic. I have played many a game featuring these shotguns, and special mention must be made of Resident Evil 4, where the “Striker” (actually an Armsel Protecta) is far and away the best shotty in the game.

Well, this made my day.


When I saw this one I figured you might be interested in that. Some of the more interesting firearms are ending up in their other product lines these days. A bit ironic as I literally just watched this the other day:


Yup, I’ve watched Ian’s video. It’s a good one, and an example of why I always strive to temper my knowledge of video game guns with real world applications and usage.


Here are some product pics. Again, I really hope that muzzle brake/compensator is removable.


I will be having one or two of those loose myself too.

Really liking those jeans and deck shoes too.

I wish I had collected all the GK figures. I love the gear and that comic styling of them. Too late now.


Really nice Figure. I love the shotgun. One of the coolest figures in that line.