Finished my Navy Seal

You guys should recognize the head and body
The plate carrier is DamToys "The Raid " set up for the MP-7A1 version
The clothing is the AOR1 gen 2 and just a tan long sleeve I had laying around
I went old school with a Toy Soldier belt holster and pistol. I added the medical pack and the SCAR pouches are Toys City
The ruck is from E&S
The SCAR H is Toys City also. I used tamiya powder and sand paper so it wouldn’t look so plastic
The bipod, suppressor and foregrip are from an HK 417
Went old school again with the radio and headset
The helmet is E&S
Just a few pictures from what it started to the finished figure.
Any tips or creative criticism please…


It is a great looking bash, I mean it is stunning…but the helmet…isn’t the helmet sitting too high?

Yes, I couldn’t get it all the way down and keep everything straight

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Ohh, I had also broken a pair of sunglasses already trying to get it just right. I gave up and left it like it is.

some sunglasses interfere with comm or helmet setup. I usually cut the temple tips or just take them off entirely.

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Great tip! I never thought about cutting them, they’re so damn delicate. Has anyone ever glued them on?

Great looking SEAL.

The green holster looks out of place against the AOR1 camo. Maybe a quick tan paint job on the rifle. But those are minor details really. They might make it more accurate, or less noticeable, but overall, I really like how you set him up.

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Thanks. Those are exactly the type of tips that I’m looking for.