Flagset 73012 Eat Chicken Series - Doomsday Survivors

Part list:

6.0 body

The belt
A pair of jeans
Body armor
Leather wallet
Leather belt leather strap.
Leather trench coat

The bullet box
Rescue package
The bandage
Drop wooden boxes
Air drop wooden box cover.
Air drop wooden case real belt *4.
The cold cap
Leather windbreaker cuffs genuine leather belt *2.
Leg straps *2.

The helmet
M16A4 rifle
M16A4 sight
The shotgun
Mauser 89 k
The mather 89k sight.
1911 pistol
Hand grenades

The sunglasses
The pan
The iron hand
The collar

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Not even slightly interested. Only the Altyn helmet “might” be worth a look.

The outfit, the weapons, and ESPECIALLY the “Eat Chicken” tagline…


Flagset has taken the receiver, barrel, and tube from their Mercenary 2.0 870 and slapped a fixed stock on it. I’m a sucker for fixed-stock shotguns with wood furniture, but…

The pump is a Mesa Tactical aftermarket one, pretty sure that’s only available in a synthetic construction.

Same with the Speedfeed stock.

If only they’d used their Delta Force 870 with the extended tube and wood forearm and added a wood Remington stock. I would have bought at least three of those…

Very super cool stuff of PUBG​:sunglasses::+1:

Just noticed this thread had been revived.
Seeing that iron frying pan struck me (lol) with the idea of finding a Paul Bartel sculpt.

Arming the “Paul Bland” figure with the pan would make a nice tribute to the late actor and the 40 year old film.