Flagset 73014 75th Ranger Regiment Reconnaissance Team in Afghanistan

Parts List:

  1. Head Sculpture
  2. 2.0 Body
  3. Helmet
  4. Emergency Flashlight
  5. Headphone
  6. Texas Badge
  7. Morale Badge 1
  8. Night Vision Stand
  9. Black Jacket
  10. Morale Badge 2
  11. Intercom
    12 Flags *2
  12. GPS
  13. Emergency lights
  14. Morale badges 3
  15. Chest hooks
  16. M4 guns
  17. M4 gun belts
  18. Clips*3
  19. Gloves hands*1 pair
  20. Muffler
  21. Muffler cover
  22. The cartridge package
  23. Kneepads *1 to
  24. Tiger-print raincoat
  25. Morale badge 4
  26. Water bag backpack
  27. Tops
  28. Pants
  29. Belts
  30. Middle-Eastern towel
  31. Bulletproof vest
  32. AK spear
  33. AK magazine clip *2
  34. M4 gun sight
  35. M4 gun laser box
  36. M4 gun flashlight
  37. Leg holster
  38. Thigh Leg Plate
  39. Map Pack
  40. Shoes *1 Pair
  41. Kettle Bag
  42. Kettle
  43. Garbage Bag
  44. 1911 Pistol (1 Magazine)
  45. ​​Drawstring*2
  46. Glasses
  47. Hose
    49 . Bracket

Is that AK a recast of the Comanche Toys?

It is possible since they likely manufactured for them. Other lazy reuses of the Caltek Costa pistol here and the same old MK18 they use on their Very Cool releases. Feels like another random thrown together release. Hard to take seriously compared to other brands that are putting in more effort and research and not just gathering up spare parts around the factory and combining them with some new ones.

Easy pass for me then.

The jacket and backpack could be decent loose parts as the factory usually does a good job with cloth items. I wish they would go back to the standard that was set with he first MARSOC/SFG figures as both had some really well done pieces, with the jacket, pants, plate carrier, and boots being very well done and on par with any other brand.

chpo - (all)
why did I not pass on this. Cost only £120 inc delivery UK. So not £140+ spend
But even so…whole figure feels, low quality. Stupid headsculp, must be a village out their missing an idiot type look. All patches fell apart had to be re-glued
Chinese UN figure actually nice. this a pass or parts

Interesting to hear, and not at all surprising. And damn, you’re right - that guy looks real stupid.

That tiger stripe chestrig and pouches are the only things I want from this, as they could easily be added to a Kurdish YPG bash.

I read the comments and yet…I still kind of like this figure. Definitely not a Ranger, and the HS’ expression is kinda weird, but I still like it. The backpack, poncho and chest rig are unique items, and the shades do mask the expression. I’ll be getting this one if the price is right.

The comments on the sculpt remind me of a couple of times new figures took heat for their sculpts, on OSW. It turned out the sculpts had been modeled on real guys, even some who were members.

I have been waiting for that tiger stripe gear; uniform, vest and pouches, and silencer shroud. Maybe the pack. I guess it’s time to watch for loose stuff.

Definitely NOT a Ranger. Not sure what this is supposed to be, but it’s no 75th Ranger.

RRC guys have actually been seen wearing desert tiger for a short period in GWOT. The overall look is obviously way off, but the pattern is ok.