Flagset 73016 Chinese Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion

FLAGSET 1/6 Blue Helmet Warrior - China Weihe Infantry Battalion (73016#) Product List

  1. Head carving
  2. Body
  3. Goggles
  4. Goggles
  5. Helmet
  6. Helmet cover
  7. Flashlight
  8. Helmet flashlight cover
  9. Windshield cover
  10. Intercom set
  11. Tactical Kit
  12. Flag Chapter *2
  13. Armband *4
  14. Bracers
  15. Knee pads
  16. Lifeline tying rope *3
  17. 95 rifle
  18. 92 pistol
  19. Saber + Scabbard
  20. Badge *1
  21. Rifle magazine *3
  22. United Nations chapter *3
  23. Weapon holding glove hand salute hand *3
  24. Tactical boots
  25. Tactical backpack
  26. Beret
  27. Camouflage suit
  28. Tactical belt
  29. pistol magazine *3
  30. Scarf
  31. Tactical compassion
  32. Interphone
  33. Hook *2
  34. Sight
  35. Beret emblem
  36. Black bullet casing collection package
  37. Red light stick *2
  38. Pen
  39. Mobile + package
  40. National flag
  41. Military title collar *2

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Looking at their latest releases they seem to be still using the same body they used in the past and shared with Caltek. I err on the picky side with bodies but I rate it as a bin immediately as the joints are poor and the body as a whole is one of those flimsy feeling affairs.

I like this a lot more than some of the upcoming special forces releases. Not a fan of the continued use of the qbz-95, but this looks like a present day standard PLA army camo bdu, which is a welcome addition. Hope they do a Type-88 lmg support machine gunner soon, personally.

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Have a good look. They’re using the longbow version here like with their 73011 PLA Marine Corps figure. At least some variety. I am looking forward to that rifle loose.

He’s “catching flies”.
Not a bad looking figure, tho.

I need to watch the site more often. This is actually pretty cool, and I’m not one for the Chinese military figures.

I can see some stuff for a bash I have in mind. That UN helmet cover could be handy, and the camo uniform and accessory bits.

Let’s see about DAM’s effort. I definitely prefer the Flasgset rifle though.