Flagset 73017 Sayeret Matkal

Head carvings

  1. prime body 6
  2. TAR21 rifle
  3. cartridge A*1
  4. kneecap
  5. glasses
  6. pistol
  7. folding knife
  8. mineral water
  9. fluorescent rod *3
  10. smog bomb
  11. mountaineering buckles
  12. grip
  13. headlights
  14. headphones + interphone
  15. sight
  16. laser
  17. TAR21 rifle recognition chapter
  18. warning light
  19. night vision instrument
  20. muffler
  21. iron hand *1 pair
  22. helmet
  23. cartridge B*3
  24. T - shirts
  25. coat
  26. pants
  27. baseball cap
  28. shoes
  29. tactical vest
  30. knapsack
  31. floppy cap
  32. Arabia towel
  33. glove *1 pairs
  34. helmet hood
  35. Toolkits
  36. sundries bag
  37. thigh bag
  38. cartridge A
  39. cartridge B
  40. cartridge C
  41. smog bombs
  42. interphone bag
  43. small tool package A
  44. small tool package B
  45. leg *1 pairs
  46. pistol sleeve thigh plate
  47. pistol sleeve
  48. thigh pouch
  49. thigh plate knives
  50. telescopic rope
  51. belt
  52. mineral water belt
  53. telescope bandage
  54. gun belt
  55. rope ladder
  56. maps
  57. flag A*2
  58. flag B*1
  59. brand chapter A*1
  60. brand chapter B*1
  61. morale chapter A*1
  62. blood type weaving Mark *2
  63. morale chapter B*1
  64. morale chapter C*1
  65. morale chapter D*1
  66. morale chapter E*1 (Limited Edition)
  67. coat (Limited Edition)
  68. pants (Limited Edition)



Guess I was right about the subject matter. I actually really like this. Is Flagsets quality any good? I don’t have anything from them to go by. This just may be a first though.

Flagset is really shaping up for me. Lots of parts for a mannequin.

@AdamC Good thing I don’t need that grey suit :rofl: You bringing this in? Thanks for the ref pics.

A change in sight would have been nice. Maybe an ITL MARS instead of M21.

Keanu Reeves an Israeli?

Mid tier. They make for other brands as an OEM. If you had either of Caltek’s Costa or A-TACS figures, those are Flagset’s level of quality as they made them. They aren’t SS/DAM level of refinement or detail but the uniforms, vests, etc are usually decent enough. Body is one you would want to replace. Usually they have silly inaccuracies and parts carried over from random dead stock inventory they have but this one looks like they put more effort in on the accuracy.

Depends of the price and if the distributor offers it.

Hmm, well I guess I’ll have to take a wait and see approach. I definitely like what I see in the pics though. Guess we’ll have to see what the price point is.

Definite buy for me, i can’t get enough ROW military figures, and there’s a lot of cool unique gear on his guy. I really do wish they would produce a long barrel version of the Tavor or a micro C-TAR, however.

“At least” we are getting a different color :sweat_smile:

Looks like a remould from D&K to me and the pistol, too. Would have appreciated one of your mentions as well.

Over at BBICN they mentioned it was their own new mold. I’m not familiar with the weapons this unit uses, but if they were doing a new mold it would have been nice to see a variant, if it made sense at least.

Let’s hope so, but the Israel flag rail cover made it suspicious. Also the knob to slide the magnifier on behind the flip up iron sight is still there.

It’s probably the same mold. I don’t really mind though, I’m still liking this as it looks now. Hopefully the final product will be worth it.

The parts list could’ve sub’d 57 thru 66 with:
57. Basic shitload of patches.

lol, very true. Maybe Flagset just wanted to pad the list so it looks like there’s more important stuff than there actually is.

Yep and apparently D&K is very suspicious as well. So too another brand if I had to guess.

Links won’t open. What did it show?


Just took ages to load.


OK, I am a bit confused with google translator and the pics. Is it showcasing that Flagset copied other molds and just changed tiny bits to make it look different or is it plain copying?


This one from D&K sounds like fraud.

Good to know though that the rail was detachable on purpose. Unfortunately, their won’t be GL in the future, I guess.

It sounds like they are using other brand’s parts in their preview pictures then either stealing a mold they produced for another customer (like D&K) or substituting their own inferior version. They are an OEM that has produced for many brands including Soldier Story, Caltek, and seem to have a few of their own house brands. Some might remember words going around a few years back about Soldier Story’s projects being leaked to other brands and now we see Flagset copying Soldier Story products/themes in recent figures. It is pure speculation but that gives some idea.

D&K used Flagset (again this is the house brand of the Factory) to produce their product and it sounds like they believe Flagset has taken their mold and used it for themselves, at least for the preview photos. Typically the mold stays at the factory that produces the product so that it is on hand when the customer goes to use it again. Sometimes there are agreements for the factory to be able to use a mold after a certain period of time in order to get a reduced cost or to share the mold cost, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Most of the production cost in the molds.

Looks like they have decided to pay D&K so the Tavor will be the same model. Regarding using other brands products to make their preorder figures look better they have basically said whoops sorry so you may want to wait till products are actually released to see if the final products are actually representative of what was shown. Pretty sketchy to say the least.

Sounds a bit ugly, but if it remains as it is, I am happy with this figure. At least new parts on the helmet and a Tavor in a different color.
I also like how they include new random stuff like tents and this ladder.

The bigger deal for me is they seem to be using better quality versions of pieces from other brands in their preorder photos and then substituting their own lower quality parts. Makes it hard to trust that what is shown is actually representative of the final product. Hopefully they change their ways as they really have no excuse given they are one of the main OEM’s in the industry and it isn’t like they like production capabilities.