Flagset 73017 Sayeret Matkal



Did this concern all their recent figures like the KSK and Snow Leopard?


Not sure about the Snow Leopard but the KSK had a completely different lower quality GPNVG18.


Still waiting for this one. Curious if the quality will do it for me.
Flagset recently released the 73014, 73015 and 73016. Seems it’s taking them an awful lot of time to get their figures out. But once they do so it’s a whole bunch of two or three at the same time.

@AdamC Would you bring this one in?


This one wasn’t picked up by my distributor unfortunately. Flagset didn’t do themselves any favors with the controversy over using other brands parts in their preorder photos and then accusations of stolen tooling. They seem to have changed how they are doing things now so hopefully that situation changes in the future.