Flagset 73017 Sayeret Matkal

Did this concern all their recent figures like the KSK and Snow Leopard?

Not sure about the Snow Leopard but the KSK had a completely different lower quality GPNVG18.

Still waiting for this one. Curious if the quality will do it for me.
Flagset recently released the 73014, 73015 and 73016. Seems it’s taking them an awful lot of time to get their figures out. But once they do so it’s a whole bunch of two or three at the same time.

@AdamC Would you bring this one in?

This one wasn’t picked up by my distributor unfortunately. Flagset didn’t do themselves any favors with the controversy over using other brands parts in their preorder photos and then accusations of stolen tooling. They seem to have changed how they are doing things now so hopefully that situation changes in the future.

It’s released in China guys!

That means mine should be released within 2 weeks!

He was born in Beirut, Libanon. So the region fits ;-). But it is not Reeves. It is John Wick :smile:.

Some very nice new parts. Flagset is doing a good job with complete new gear in the last time. The special helmet cover for the NVG is cool. Some loose parts for me.

(source BBICN)

I have only the CP Cage Armour Chassis with all the pouches from the MARSOC Special Operations Command Figure (73001). It has really good quality. A little on the big side but nice done. It is not on the Level with Soldier Story or DAM but it is worth if the price fit.

Anyone on BBICN talking about how the quality is?

I’ll be grabbing some loose bits from this for sure. I have cooled from the whole figure since the promo pics first dropped.

I was initially impressed by the rifles from the SF and MARSOC figures, but the QC on recent plastic parts has left me unimpressed. To be honest, I think those initial rifles were for other figure releases though, not a Flagset figure. The uniforms and sewn accessories have been pretty awesome for me though, so I am expecting these ones to be pretty decent too.

Those were products they had made for Caltek. When Caltek defaulted on the monies they owed the OEM factory (and others) the factory just sold it under their own Flagset branding along with the ATACs figure and the remainder of the Chris Costa figure.

Common problems with Flagset releases are QC on the plastic items, so-so bodies, zippers that break easily (just leave anything with a zipper done up) and the other common problem you see with Soldier Story products (Flagset was/is their OEM, hence you see their fabrics and some of the sewing patterned materials reused) like adhesive on boots and clothing. The D&K Tavor’s they produced had an issue with the “metal” rods (by the charging handle) rusting away. All three examples I had have that issue. The PLA expo figure had issues with stained clothing and bent rifles. Realistically as an OEM you would hope they would have better QC and not issues like they do. On previous releases they used products from other brands for their prototypes than substituted them for lower quality versions but they have stopped that practice. They can make some really great product as their prior work for Soldier Story, Caltek, and some of their own pieces show.

For this figure there are only a few comments so far about the quality of the head and stains on it.

Makes me wonder why they didn’t just keep using the molds as they were already making them. Those M4/Daniel Defense rifles were fantastic. Really, all they had to do was just throw new parts on that, and they would have been gold as far as the rifles are concerned.

If I can track down some bits for this one, I’ll comment on the quality.

Now, I got all the parts and a grey suit, but did anyone see any evidence of the 1/10 patch?

The Tavor is very good quality. Not only does it have a front folding sight, but a rear folding site built into rifle. Very cool! Have to get me another one of these! Like the pic below. Only the sights. This is not the 1/6 Tavor 21.

I can honestly say that this is their best so far. No quality issues for me here! That is all great! But I do have to say…the HS is lacking…

Okay. On taking a second look.

The NVG & Petzl does not have crisp molding and the hooks don’t really work on the sling for the rifle. The lanyard does not have the release lock, rather it is molded. You can still move it, but the release is molded. Same with the NVG mount. You can’t move the NVG closer or farther away from the eyes. But other than that…I would rate the rest of the equipment along the lines with Dam or SS. The new body is fairly stiff at the joints. Better I think than SS. All and all, I am more than satisfied with this figure.

Much, much better than Minitimes. Much better!

Well that’s some promising news. Thanks for sharing Davinator65.

Thanks for the info, I’m pleasantly surprised to hear you’re liking the figure. How would you rate the vest and other soft gear? I know I may be an outlier here but I hated their Crye CAGE vest from way back with their SFG/MARSOC figure. From the announcement pics the vest here looks very comparable to the D&K Israeli tac vest (in both colour and quality) and I also hated that piece (which I found out as I hacked it up to try and create a Canadian army tac vest).

Hey Canuck!

Like I said, it is comparable to SS and Dam. Very good quality! There stitching is on point. God! How they labeled these things is atrocious!~ I mean “Arab towel” is a Shemagh! LOL!

Anyhow, you have already know by now that this figure is loaded out in Agilite gear! From his vest down to the assault ladder! I think his vest is an Agilite K3-Keramon Plate Carrier. Not too sure about the model, but very sure that it is Agilite.

I can nitpick all day about the figure, but all in all, I think that they did a great job. Oh…one thing…the NVG mount…did they fu*k this up? Because it won’t fit not matter what I tried…

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