Flagset 73018 Chinese People's Liberation Army 91st Anniversary Special Session Edition - Border Guard




2. 5.0 body
3. Tactical gloves
4. Kettle
5.92 type pistol
6.92 type pistol magazine x2
7. Saber
8. Knife sheath
9. Grenade x4
10. Scene platform
11. National boundary monument
12. QBZ-03 rifle
13. Rifle magazine x4
14. Camouflage tops
15. Camouflage pants
16. Snow suit tops
17. Snow suit pants
18. Military cap
19. Mask
20. Belt
21. Tactical vest
22. Tactical belt
23. Military bag
24. Thickened gloves
25. Backpack
26. Double-sided backpack cover
27 kettle bag
28. Saber Parts Pack
29.92 magazine clip
30.92 holster
31. Leggings
32. Winter boots
33. Military emblem
34. Collar
35. Epaulettes
36. Rifle gun rope

QSZ-92 - Norinco (Chang Feng Machine Shop)
QBZ-03 - Norinco

I’ll absolutely buy this. I’m pretty fond of that “Tibet” Camo the PLA uses as it has broad applicability to foreign militia groups. Additionally, the addition of a QBZ03 rifle is long past due, as those endless QBZ-95As have been getting a little bit too commonplace.


The chest rig is the only part I like from this figure; like Spetzcollector mentioned above, it could be used to bash militia/insurgents/separatists from other conflicts.


Flagset makes a “Great Leap Forward”, a bold move. I have to rate this figure “NEAT”. This would be the first Flagset full figure purchase, for me.
Now, will they, or another outfit answer the challenge, with a Russian Border Guard figure?


New on the forum, here is my first comment … I bought this figure Flagset, the first purchase of this brand for me, the quality is correct, even if the plastic of various loops is not perfect. The rifle is quite fragile, however, I am satisfied with the uniform, and I really like this variant of camouflage. A very heavy box with plaster border base. A purchase that I like a lot, and finally a very nice and original figure. :wink:


Is yours as warped as this? I had high hopes for the rifle, but this looks el-cheapo.
Not reflected by the loose price, however.


Mine is very slightly warped … but it is sure that the quality is not as good as at Dam or SoldierStory.


Maybe because I handled it a lot, to put it with the figure and take pictures. But the interest is that it’s a version of rare rifle, which is not found in other figures :blush:.


And I add a little photo made recently …


And I just changed hands, the Flagset are really not well painted, I put Damtoys, very slightly larger but adapt easily.


Awesome, you got snow down there!

Just got the 73016 rifle. It fits my collection for certain reasons, but the quality is definitely MCToys at most. Maybe even less. But they put the effort to have moving parts.


Saw complaints of bendgate on the Chinese forums as well. I’ve seen anecdotal comments about the same issues with their sniper rifles marketed under their new primary Flagset brand as well others like Very Cool. When you have a $130 figure re-marketed at $189 by the US distributor it certainly doesn’t help the situation either as it artificially inflates the price of sub par items. They have seemed somewhat receptive to comments on the forums so hopefully they’ll continue to improve things. Seems kind of inexcusable when you can produce say a high quality item for Soldier Story then fail under your own brand.


Well that price doesn’t make these QC issues seem like a very good trade off. Maybe just some loose parts buys for me now.

And I haven’t been very impressed with the bodies and head sculpts at that price either.


Regarding the price, I find it unfortunate that these limited editions are so expensive … I did not know the brand Flagset when I bought this figure, and I especially had the opportunity to buy it at a price much more correct, taking advantage of good pormotion at the seller … the average price, between 225/250 Usd today I would never get this figure …