Flagset 73019 Chinese People's Liberation Army Machine Gunner

Parts List:

  1. Jacket
  2. Trousers
  3. Bulletproof vest
  4. Neck sleeve
  5. Service cap
  6. Helmet
  7. Tactical suit
  8. Wristbands*2
  9. Tactical knapsack
  10. Leg bag
  11. Cartridge drum bag*2
  12. Grenade*2
  13. Kettle bag
  14. Impurity bag
  15. Cartridge clip bag*4
  16. DIY Camouflage cloth
  17. Belt A
  18. Kneecap*2
  19. Interphone sleeve
  20. Interphone
  21. Parts package
  22. Belt B
  23. Tactical boots
  24. Armband*1
  25. Collar Badge*1对
  26. Flag
  27. chest*1
  28. head
  29. Body 5.0
  30. Goggles
  31. Headset
    32.Weapons gripping
  32. knives
  33. Scabbard
  34. kettle
  35. T-shirts 95
  36. 95 machine gun
  37. Cartridge drum*2
  38. Cartridge clip*2

New camo pattern for people who are into this topic.

Most likely only the rifle loose for, me in case DAM doesn’t replicate this as well.

Not into Chinese figures but this doesn’t look too bad.

I really like this one. A ton of novel gear, plus as was mentioned initially, this is only the second figure to come equipped with standard PLA camo. Cool HS as well.

Interesting weapon. A sustained-fire variant of the QBZ-95 rifle, with a longer, heavier barrel, firing a “machine gun” cartridge. Used as a SAW, without unique design like the Minimi/M249 NATO weapons.

Reminds me of the L86 in that respect.

I want to like this QBB-95, but I can’t help but notice the optic rail mounted, and with no optic provided to use with it. I would hope the rail is removable - wouldn’t it block the rear sight? If so, as configured, it would be rendered unable to sight properly.

Yeah, I could use an optic from my collection, but I’d rather Flagset provide a Chinese MG optic. I don’t think we have any of those in the scale.

I am not sure there are any Chinese sights/scopes in use other than the standard QBZ scopes that can attach directly to the rail of the carrying handle. All the other Flagset and Dam figures provided a western scope with the Chinese rifles that had a picatinny rail mounted on top of the carrying handle.

I’m not aware of how tight the strictures are, for regular soldiers in the PLA, regarding private purchase optics. The QB-95 family has, of course, some issue scopes. There are various images of other optics (SOF, or perhaps photo-op situations), and a number of “western” optics would enhance SAW performance.

A chart for the various components for the rifle -

The newer DBP10 heavy round, that is / will be used by both QBZ and QBB Type 95 weapons -

And finally, what I think is an airsofter image, because they usally have much nicer toys -

I wouldn’t have a problem slapping one of the standard QBZ-95 optics on the QBB, but those mount directly to the carry handle, not a picatinny rail. So, again, here’s hoping that rail section is removable.

Here’s an example of one.

It does appear to be attached to a short picatinny rail section. Hence why I’d like that sight to be included here…instead of a rail with nothing mounted (that may, as I stated before, be blocking the rear iron sight)

Interesting figure.

Only the rifle and spare drum mags and pouches are of interest to me. I would love to get that and add it to their border patrol figure.

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You actually got that one? Would you share some close ups of the rifle?

I don’t have it, but I have been looking to get it if I can find one for a decent price.

Another great success of Flagset, and I really like the color of the uniform …

If you are into “foreign” figures, have a look at their 73017 Israeli!

I’m mostly fan of Soldier Story, all times, as well as some “Russian” Damtoys, but the budget is still limited …