Flagset 73020 DEVGRU



Parts List:

1.Head carving
2. 5.0 body
3. Gripper type * 1 pair
4. Iron hand type * 1 pair
5. Tactical helmet
6. Goggles
7. HD camera
8. Double tube night vision device
9. Night vision device bracket
10.Glock pistol
11.Glock Pistol Magazine* 1
12. MP7 submachine gun
13. MP7 submachine gun clip* 2
14. MP7 submachine gun sight
15. MP7 submachine gun muffler
16. Laser* 2
17. Tactical holster
18. GPS
19. Pistol Clips 3
20. Clip Clipping Kit* 3
21. Tactical headset + walkie-talkie
22. Light sticks * 6
23. Signal light
24. Bullets
25. M249 Tactical Machine Gun
26. M249 Tactical Machine Gun Sight
27. M249 Tactical Machine Gun Grip
28. M249 Tactical Machine Gun Silencer
29. M249 Tactical Machine Gun Drum * 2
30. Training clothes
31. Tactical pants
32. Tactical helmet
33. Tactical vest
34. Gloves* 1 pair
35. Outdoor backpack
36. Tactical chest hanging
37. Medical kit
38. Combat boots* 1 pair
39. Clip leg package
40. Helmet bag
41. Walkie-talkie set
42. Machine gun bullet package
43. DIY camouflage cloth
44. Belt
45. Gun belt
46. Flag Chapter* 1
47. Morale Chapter A * 1
48. Blood type chapter* 2
49. Call chapter* 1
50. Morale B* 1
51. Morale C* 2
52. Flag Camo Chapter* 1


The colors are a bit strange. Some very nice parts and the clips for the magazines are great. Interesting Figure and nice choice of weapons. I will buy some loose parts for sure but not the complete Figure.


Yeah…not to mention DEVGRU don’t use the Airframe helmet and their weird choice of using airsoft reference material. Material choices are a bit lacking on some of the parts as well, ie helmet cover, material for hypalon straps on JPC, knee stretch material, etc.

Weird gear choices as well, ie a chest rig (Mayflower UW Gen V) that is designed for rifle or smg mag inserts and you have a primary as a MK48. As a major OEM their product continues to come off as unrefined and often enough thrown together with little research. There are a few bits and pieces that are useful enough for kitbashes.


It’s their 20th figure and they already developed the figure body 5.0 :rofl:


On one day in the distant future we will see perhaps a complete Figure from them without copy the ideas and parts from other Manufactures. So in the meantime they work on the body :wink:. I am still surprised to see some completely new parts.


I can see why, they definitely could use better bodies with their ambition to upscale their brand. It usually takes multiple versions to work out fitment and tooling issues. Every few years it seems like I end up replacing original bodies or upgrading arms or legs from the newer generation bodies. Maybe when Soldier Story hits 4.0 their body won’t pop in half and need saran wrap to stay together. :laughing: So far DAM has been fairing pretty well with the 3.0 version of their muscle body which is their 6th or 7th generation. Easy Simple could do with a 2.5 version.

Ironically I find the Hot Toys knock off body later generations to be one of the best made bodies…decent plastic and actual metal threaded inserts for at least some of the key screws like knee joints. Putting screws into plastic and hoping they will hold tension is a poor design choice. Bundling a body with a figure usually means compromises to a design to keep the cost down.


Okay, I must say I don’t like this figure!

As mentioned before some really weird gear choices by Flagset! I don’t know: should I cry or should I laugh.

5.56mm USGI mags but no weapon!?!
Bad looking G17 (Devgru don’t use Glocks)!
Colour of the PEQs is horrible!
I don’t think that’s a MK48! It looks more like a MK46 (short barrel, KAC silencer, ammo bag)!
That ACOG scope is not up to date!
And so on…

Sorry Flagset but I dont’ like it!


They do on the Seal Team tv show on a few occasions, which is probably where their confusion comes in given the figure is based on the show (the dog handler themed patch and sort of likeness to Boreanaz). It’s just lazily put together with little attention to detail, ie the team on the show is Bravo team and you have a GK2 callsign here rather than the character’s 1B9 callsign. It seems like they literally just took a few random reference photos of multicam tropic, a few pictures from the tv show (ironically laying out the callsign format), and then randomly picked a few pieces of airsoft gear since it is easy for them to pull from China. The fact they can’t even get basic things like PEQ color or kneepad colors is a bit worrying. These are not hard things to get right if you even have a passing knowledge of the subject.

They have corrected it to say it is a M249 and that is why they chose the chest rig since you can load 5.56 mags in a pinch (ok guys…). A MK46 would make more sense, or at least a MK48.


Contrary to some of you, I really like camouflage, but maybe because, in this hobby, I do not look for the exact reproduction of what really exists … but some parts are really too plastic, especially the door loaders, maybe that repainted they could be nicer… and this color of the knee pads is particularly awful.