Flagset 73023 PLAAF of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Airborne Forces


  1. head
  2. 5.0 element
  3. helmet
  4. Glove Hands *1 Pair
  5. Wire Hands *1 Pair
  6. headphones
  7. goggles
  8. 03 rifle
  9. 03 Rifle Guide Kit
  10. aiming device
  11. grip
  12. Infrared Laser
  13. Rifle Bullet Clamp *3
  14. Helmet Night Vision Support
  15. night vision instrument
  16. 92 pistols
  17. 92 Pistol Bullet Clamp *2
  18. Tactical Helmets
  19. Sabre
  20. scabbard
  21. walkie talkie
  22. Beidou positioning
  23. pliers
  24. T-shirt
  25. Training jacket
  26. Training trousers
  27. cold cap
  28. collar
  29. Tactical gloves
  30. goggles sleeve
  31. Tactical vest
  32. Tactical Belt
  33. Knee Protector *1 pair
  34. kettle bag A
  35. army shovel pack
  36. Bottle bag B
  37. Airborne Luggage
  38. Toolkit
  39. Leg Hanging Toolkit
  40. holster
  41. Military boots *1 pair
  42. Collars *1 pair
  43. Chest *1 pair
  44. Morale stamp *1
  45. Flag Seal *1

I know about Flagset quality, but that QBZ-03 needs to be purchased.

My translator said this about the warning notice next to the gun:

QBZ03 step gun operation kit non-equipped with hair equipment. For players to use with optional Assembly.

Sounds like it’s only a reminder that the rifle will be shipped in the plain shape. Modern variant with rails has to be assembled by customers themselves.

Anyone have a hands on impression of the rifle from this one?

Let me send images and thoughts later today.


  • 1 It’s the base QBZ-03 rifle with the handguard attached on top
  • 2 The top rifle has a slighly loose handguard which is a positive, as the bottom rifle with the fixed rails comes around slanted (requires some luck to get a good one)
  • 3 Mag won’t insert properly, but can remain in place
  • 4 rear part of the rail came elevated with both and gives the sight a slanted look
  • 5 Stock holds reasonable good, compared to the new DAM Russian rifles

It’s worth getting one as it’s unique. That’s it. Almost forgot. The barrel cover won’t fit my rifles properly as the diameter of the railed handguard is too big. Ordered a standard version now to check.

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