Flagset 73026 PAP Shannante Team X Falcon Assault Team


1 coat
2 trousers
3 Tactical vest
4 Rifle Bullet Clamp *3
5 Medical Kit
6 tactical pockets
7 walkie-talkie bag
8 Smoke Bullet Pack
9 Toolkit A
10 Toolkit B
11 Pistol Bullet Clamp
12 holsters
13 Belt
14 waist seals
15 Masks
16 hats
17 combat boots
18 Helmets
19 92 Pistol
20 pistol cartridge clip *2
21 Glove Hands *2
22 ACP95 Rifle
23 rifle cartridge clip *3
24 Rifle Sight
25 headphones + walkie-talkie Suite
26 Special Battle Chest of Armed Police
27 Armed Police Special Operations Back Chapter
28 Special Arms
29 Falcon Arms
30 PAP Arms
31 National Flag Seals
32 Black Flag Seal

No head and body included

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@Murakami Unit is the Falcon Commando (Anti-Terrorism)

Found this on the rifle:

Norinco QBZ-95 with custom Picatinny rail system - 5.8x42mm. According to some sources, this Picatinny rail system is known as ACP95 or simply ACP, designed by Hong Kong engineer Lei Gaa-hou (李嘉豪).

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It’s like the unholy fusion of a QBZ-95 and a FA-MAS.

Let’s sit back and wait for DAM to provide their own superior take.


Let’s see. I am still waiting for DAM’s longbow version of the QBZ-95, which is only covered by Flagset.

They really need to be taking better pics or at least improving their quality. Rifle looks handpainted and boots look like 10yr old Soldier Story pieces.

It also feels like that, when in hand, but it’s more or less fully functional. I don’t know what level of detail/crisp details you demand from a rifle, but Flagset weapons are bearable, in my opinion.
I have the FS QBZ-95 Longbow version and it’s definitely worse quality, but somehwhere in the Mini Times range.
If it’s the only version of the rifle available, then I would still suggest having a look at it. The item price for a FS rifle is hopefully settled lower than others (at least in China).

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Very cool rifle, but given its FAMAS-like appearance I would much rather see a manufacturer create a Croatian VHS-2.

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Please! But we know how it works. Still waiting for polish GROM that will never come. Fench and German is all we get, I guess.