Flagset 73027 Chinese People's Liberation Army 1980

Product List:

1 heads
2 prime body
3 plastic hand *4
4 wire hand *2
5 camouflage vest
6 camouflage clothes
7 95 Tactical vest
8 Toolkit
9 oblique spanning package
10 Military kettles
11 shoulder badge *2
12 91 knapsack
13 leather belt
14 GK80 helmet
15 army cap
16 81 assault rifle
17 rifle cartridge clip *3
18 helmet camouflage net
19 91 training shoes



This product is missing a pair of wire hand that can adjust the finger and helmet camouflage net. The final delivery will be completed, please forgive me.

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Love that Type-81 and the woodland uniform.

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I’m avoiding becoming a completist, with all of the PLA figures, but this one’s unique enough to go on the list. Screaming sculpts began quite a while back (DML’s German artillery officer, for one), and the Facepool line has sort of set the bar. That said, they are more numerous than I desire. I like the plain, “tough soldier”, with proper haircut, but can switch out this one.