Flagset 73027 Chinese People's Liberation Army 1980

Product List:

1 heads
2 prime body
3 plastic hand *4
4 wire hand *2
5 camouflage vest
6 camouflage clothes
7 95 Tactical vest
8 Toolkit
9 oblique spanning package
10 Military kettles
11 shoulder badge *2
12 91 knapsack
13 leather belt
14 GK80 helmet
15 army cap
16 81 assault rifle
17 rifle cartridge clip *3
18 helmet camouflage net
19 91 training shoes


This product is missing a pair of wire hand that can adjust the finger and helmet camouflage net. The final delivery will be completed, please forgive me.

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Love that Type-81 and the woodland uniform.

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I’m avoiding becoming a completist, with all of the PLA figures, but this one’s unique enough to go on the list. Screaming sculpts began quite a while back (DML’s German artillery officer, for one), and the Facepool line has sort of set the bar. That said, they are more numerous than I desire. I like the plain, “tough soldier”, with proper haircut, but can switch out this one.

Anybody know if this is ever coming out, or if it was possibly cancelled?

Should be next as the 73026 was released some time ago.