Flagset 73030 Modern Battlefield 2020 Ghost

Parts List:

1 head carving
2 morpheme
3 tactical top
4 tactical pants
5 tactical belt
6 gloved hands * 3
7 tactical shoes
8 bracket
9 scarf
10 tactical chest hang
11 windbreaker
12 tactical headset
13 step phone
14 smoke bomb
15 grenade a
16 grenade B
17 emergency Lanyard
18 pistol cartridge
19 hook
20 GPS
21 national flag * 2
22 reflective sticker * 2
23 rifle
24 sight
25 rifle clip * 4
26 grip
27 laser
28 plank * 2
29 gun rope
30 Glock pistol
31 pistol cartridge * 3
32 pistol holster

Product planning stages:

  • The skull mask from the Soldier Story ISOF figure was popular, lets copy that.
  • The FBI HRT loose uniforms were popular, lets copy that.
  • People didn’t like the nonsense we scribbled on our last jacket that we copied from the Soldier Story CIA figure, let’s turn into a tactical shawl.
  • The molds aren’t completely shot on all our M4 rifles, let’s recylce one of those yet again.
  • What is better than Call of Duty or Battlefield? Combining the two Voltron style!



I Really only want that chest rig to bash a Syrian civil war figure, as I’ve missed out on the polar mountain striker from vht, which, I believe, was the last figure to offer it in the desired tan color.

I know it’s kind of lame but I actually kinda dig the look of this one. It’s Flagset though so quality will suck but the price point isn’t that high.

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Looks really nice! It’s based on a popular character from the latest call of duty modern warfare.

I saw images of that on FB, but assumed it’s a bash. Not too convincing!

Is that a QBR rifle?

To me this looks more like a figure from the COD Ghosts game as opposed to Ghost from the MW games.

Exact copy of the MW 19 Ghost. I’m impressed that they stuck so close to the source material, although that M4 is horrendous. Maybe they’ll do a “Classic” Ghost down the line.

It’s funny, when I first looked at these promo images I though “huh, now Flagset is dipping their toe in the 1/12th scale pool”. They really need to up their game.

Hadn’t really looked at it that carefully. I stand corrected.

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I think MW19 has an original Ghost skin too, maybe Flagset will make one of them too. And I agree, this version looks more COD Ghost-y than original MW Ghost-y.

Since they beefed up Ghost in the new MW I wish the body had been bigger. Guess that will have to be done separately. Since they used the classic UDT Ghost as the other possible skin I would not be surprised if we see one later.

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It was actually this character (the original mw2 version) who started my
Interest in 12 inch military figures. I tried to make a bash of him out of GI joe parts. Very strong emphasis on “Try”, I must note. Since they’re reusing the ar15, I’d love if they made one with that Larue OBR stock from one of the Very cool female shooter figures. Might look nice with the HK416 or M110 I have/am planning to build for my CAG sniper bash.Shouldn’t be too hard, since those “budget” OEM companies like them all seem to use the same five molds from the couple of figures that they made with/for Solder Story.


Similar approach by GA. Wonder what the rifle will be. They also skipped GA1002 for now

Surely it must be a SCAR416MK556

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Not E&S, but the gear looks decent enough.