Flagset 73031 End War Ghost

Product list:
1 body
2 head carvings
3 cigars
4 tactical top
5 tactical pants
6 climbing shoes
7 gloved hands * 3
8 tactical vest
9 tactical pack
10 walkie talkie bag
11 pistol cartridge
12 medical package
13 belt
14 scarf
15 Benny hat
16 hat
17 night vision instrument strap
18 night vision instrument
19 night vision battery
20 rifle
21 rifle clip * 4
22 pistol
23 pistol cartridge * 3
24 pistol holster
25 gun rope
26 grip
27 guard wood * 2
28 sight
29 laser indicator
30 tactical flashlight
31 tourniquet
32 scissors
33 Watch
34d ring
35 fluorescent rod
36 emergency rope
37 armband
38 flag A
39 flag B
40 reflective sticker * 3
41 walkie talkie + headset

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The head of Capt. Price is the best part of this Figure. Also the shoes and the NVG head mount are nice. Otherwise the SEAL Figure was a way better.

Loving the head sculpt with cigar - that is a 100% purchase for my kitbash tool kit. The rest: at first was cool, because it all looks too clean. With some weathering this could be a nice figure (bought as a whole or in parts).

Flagset pricing usually good as well, wait and see

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…some nice parts: head, bonnie, shoes, nvg-ount maybe the vest…
but that´s it…

I agree with all of you - some nice parts, especially the head sculpt. I think I’ll get the head, body and layer 1 clothing, plus shoes, hat and maybe the NVG mount. Any real life evidence for that part??? The rifle looks terrible, though, and I really don’t know about the vest…

Interesting… it’s weird to see new parts from Flagset. Or did they just steal them and release them faster than the original designer…?

IMO, the pros: new uniform design, LBX Armatus PC system has never been done before and looks good, and the HS + pano NODs setup looks sweet.

Cons: Same old Flagset rifle, and the colours are way off.

What use would an NVG headset like this have in real life or a military bash? Because I have trouble seeing any at all. Even in a “low profile” environment, I doubt that a headset like this would be any less conspicuous than a ballistic helmet with NVGs. It’d certainly offer less protection than the helmet. So overall, I’m not interested. Maybe when my first DEVGRU bash didn’t have a helmet yet, and I thought that it would be cooler if it had a NVG headset under it’s hoodie along with glasses and a skull balaclava, Then I definitely would have gotten this headset. But then I did get a helmet for it, and that looked even cooler.

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That blue shirt is hideous.

Head, vest, and footwear look well done. As usual everything plastic is just average since they invest about $10 a year in new tooling.

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I would say mabye for a recce type mission but then again probably wouldn’t wear a plate carrier on one of those or a bright blue shirt either, although this figure is based off a video game character so that’s probably the most likely answer

Those shoes are coooool. They look like Nike dunks but rugged and tactical.

It’ll be interesting to see the price, for me that will govern whether it’s right for grabbing the whole figure. I’d definitely swap out the blue frog for something more tactical. Nice selection of patches, but since I don’t do the games, I’d leave off the SAS patch.

OK, back with a “WTF is a…” Voxel.

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I dare to say it’s the figure body :laughing:

It’d probably be better if it had the same kit that price had from the Wolves den and Clean house missions. It seems that they took their inspiration from the announcement trailer, and based the colors off of the cover art. The weapon choice lends further credence to this being the case, as both the figure and the cover art have price holding an AR-15, even though in the game he used an integrally-suppressed HK33.

I definitely agree, I wish they had based this figure off of those missions as well and a 433 would have been an awesome addition to the hobby

@ General Sam: Is that a hint that we cam exspect some sweet surprise in the near future? :thinking::wink:

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That 433 looks great!

Agreed. The gun I want most is the Sig LVAW. Perhaps we could see it with a CAG figure, as they’re known to use it.

I’ve been saying the same thing about the lvaw, I was hoping with the SAD figure with the manbun one of the versions would have included it

That one has an HK416C. It isn’t in use with any US tier 1 unit, AFAIK. I guess I’ll have to stick with the custom LVAW that I put together in February until E&S makes a proper one.