Flagset 73033 End War Ghost X

Parts List

1 headgear
2 blue T-shirt
3 tactical top
4 tactical pants
5 tactical vest
6 tactical shoes
7 flag seal a
8 flag of eight countries
9 morale chapter
10 blood type seal
11 walkie talkie bag
12 rifle cartridge BAG * 4
13 pistol cartridge bag (Triple Pack) * 1
14 Kit
15 grenade BAG * 2
16 waist bag
17 tactical package
18 leg pack
19 fattening pants
20 kneepads * 1
21 belt
22 sculptures
23 plastid
24 tactical headset
25 Sunglasses
26 smoke bomb * 1
27 tactical gloves * 3
28 rifle
29 rifle cartridge * 4
30 rifle eye protection * 2
31 rifle sight
32 rifle folding sight
33 rifle grip
34 D-ring hook
35 pistol
36 pistol cartridge * 4
37 pistol holster
38 tactical walkie talkie
39 headset + FM



Oh wow, this I like. I have a bash that’s somewhat similar, based on the older Modern Warfare game. This could be my first Flagset purchase.

This is a nicely put together figure imo. Weapons look a bit plastic/plain, but they can be weathered or replaced.

Is the camo uniform/chest rig etc, MTP or jungle multicam. I thought MTP due to brown in the pattern from dpm days. But probably wrong as usual lol

Multicam. Looks like the same old multicam that Soldier Story had their OEM do. Known for it’s erm…vivid greens.

Flagset are quickly becoming the kings of recycling with their plastic items.

They have clearly thrown down the gauntlet to DAM. Flagset’s use of CPU heatsinks as a background prop trumps the Taowan/Go Truck tires. :laughing:


Lol I didn’t know what it was until you pointed it out. Sick figure though.

NOW you get me!!! Very nice done. Must have for me as old CoD Player :wink:.
GA i have yours on my list now. Will be happy to see your version.

Will yours have a similar head sculpt? The scarred vin diesel head is a selling point of this figure for me at least.

I do like this, a lot. I’m a huge multicam fan and the pants, chest rig, dropdown w/pouches and fanny pack all look very good. The holster issue is a major oversight, and I will imagine this would get fixed prior to the figure’s release. As for the weapins, since none of my figure would be taking them apart, I think they’re OK. If the price is right I’d get one of these, and possibly loose items as well.

They seemed to have literally took a holster with a belt adapter and just stuck leg straps in it. They may be an OEM but they seem to have little idea what they are actually doing with their subject matter.

It doesn’t seem like a bad modern reimagining, even with the recycled gear. Definitely a better design than the MW 19 one, that’s for certain (no offense to General Sam). Regardless, Ghost is still my favorite COD character of all time. He’s one of the reasons that I got into this hobby in the first place, and the design of one of my Devgru bashes is inspired at least partially from him. Not sure if I’ll get a figure of him, since my current bashes already scratch the itch he gave me.

The 433’s original stock would be a welcome addition to an alternate version.

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How are their figure bodies? How do they compare to say a DAM or an E&S figure body? Or any of the current or former lineup for that matter? Otherwise its a nicely photographed figure IMO.

BravoBob: Presume you mean Flagset bodies. I’ve picked up most of their releases and have no issues with bodies. No loose legs/arms or mid sections and nothing has broken. Unlike E&S, which over the past 12 months, have encountered, loose parts and even a broken arm. But I still use them for my kit bash projects.

I have not stripped a Flagset figure down so unsure how compatible they are with other figures. Thinking of foot & hand pegs compatibility for kit bashing. Must have a look at compatibility.

For me Flagset offers good value for money, in terms of end product not DamToy or E&S finish, but price is not £180 to £220+. How long this continues who knows.

UPDATE: Had a quick look at pegs on Flagset figure ( FYI - Israel IDF Sayeret Matkal “Wild Boy” Figure)

hand pegs look unique - slim n stubby best way to describe Flagset peg, on left. Certainly different.

Feet peg…sorry I failed, applied a load of heat but pegs not moving (don’t want to break anything so backed off). I suppose shows its well put together.

sorry for long response…I am bored.

I’d say that they and minitimes would be good for someone that is new to this hobby and wants to get an entry level figure of decent quality. I know that I would have definitely tried to get my hands on this figure had it been out when I first started getting into this hobby. Their figures have enough detail and accessories to give someone a good taste of what can expect from others, but not so much as to be overwhelming. Their quality is suitable enough to serve as good bases for kitbashing. All of this usually being at a more palatable price point than that of Dam or Soldier Story. E&S might also qualify in terms of price, but I think that most of their figures might be too much for most beginners.

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An ACR as a rifle would be preferable in my opinion in order to get the MW 2 look right. I think it is his signature weapon. Really looking forward to your release. Since I played MW 2 back in the day, I always wanted a ghost figure.


Comanche made these several years back. A little behind current standards but ideal for that look.

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Now thats what Im talking about. A refined Version with a standard holo sight would be nice in order to get that ‘loose ends’ loadout. Maybe as en extra weapons pack in the future, who knows.

@Zeus Here is a review by @GeneralSam

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

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Thanks for the details and photos I appreciate it. I’ve encountered issues with several E&S figure bodies myself, thus the Q&A. All the Best