Flagset 73034 Chinese People's Liberation Army 2019

Parts List:

1 head carving
2 body
3 gloved hands * 3
4 hands *8
5 vest
6 training uniform top
7 training suit pants
8 boots
9 rank Chapter *9
10 national flag *2
11 name stamp
12 armbands
13 reflective chapter *4
14 tactical vest
15 shoulder pads *2
16 rifle magazine bag *4
17 medical kits
18 radio packs
19 grenade bag
20 pistol bag
21 pistol magazine bag
22 leg strap
23 backpack
24 helmet
25 headgear
26 goggles
27 night vision
28 QBZ-19 rifle
29 92 pistol
30 rifle magazine *5
31 pistol magazine *2
32 sights
33 grip
34 tactical radio
35 camouflage cloth


That didn’t take long for the QBZ-19 to appear. Neat piece.


Yeah, not a bad looking figure at all.


First time I am hyped for a Flagset rifle.

I mean their older QBZ-03 and QBZ-95 variations were unique but of average quality. The Tavor was 1:1 taken from D&K. The Type-79 was clode to rubbish quality wise, but still lives on in my collection. However, this rifle looks superb in terms of preview images. Let’s wait and see about the plastic quality and how well the features function. We also receive a new optic and grip with integrated light?

By the way, Flagset’s product output is even faster than ES and DAM lately.


This is the 1st PLA set that I’m actually interested in…, I’m not familiar with the China’s Army equipment and weapons trends but The load outs looks like their current setup? Any PLA gears expertise here?

I read some articles and it seems to be the replacement of the QBZ-95, which was haunted by some flaws and also the bullpub mechanic seemed to be a negative.
The QBZ-19 was announced in Oct 19 and firstly seen in action/tested in Apr 20.

Here is some data, hope it’s genuine:


Having this said, I am actually asking myself:

  1. When will DAM preview its version and it will be better in quality.

  2. When this is the PLA’s standard rifle now, will 1/6 stop releasing them? I am still looking forward to Soldier Story’s short barreled QBZ-95 version.

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Thank you for the heads up info on this rifle @chpo :+1: cheers!

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This looks similar to the DAM Russian VDV and Naval Infantry “PGM” figures. The green-dominant camo pattern is an eye-grabber, even knowing that the louder, previous PLA and PAP patterns are jam up. I’m seriously thinking about putting down a bet on this latest Flagset figure, hoping they have revved up the quality.

This camo looks sort of similar to Italian vegetato in my opinion. Overall a very cool PLA figure for sure.

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