Flagset 73035 - Next figure is coming in 1/12

Flagset is going 1/12 now and they don’t keep it seperate from their 1/6 military line. Any foreseeable effects for the 1/6 market next to the reduced 1/6 figure outcome?

To be honest, 1/12 went quite under the radar for me till now.

I mean, their 1/6th quality has been closer to 1/12th quality (at least in my experience), so I don’t have high hopes for this one

hahaha … we have lived through the “golden age” of action figures 1/6 … but the prices increase much faster than the quality of the products. It will eventually become very elist … maybe the 1/6 source will go out … when the buyers stop following. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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Let me know when they make 1/12 scale modern DEVGRU, CAG, or any other US SOF figure. Because those are the only ones that I would get in that scale, if even at all. 1/6 scale accessories are already hard enough to work with as it is, and having to deal with even smaller parts is hardly an improvement. Besides the size difference , I’m skeptical of how detailed such figures are compared to their larger brethren. Plastic or rubber where there would be cloth, and static and interchangeable what would be already moveable. While I can at least understand the benefits of buying 1/12 scale figures, The customizability and greater detail of 1/6 figures is too great for me to make the switch.

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By the Hokey Floyd, ‘tis the wee folk, goin’ to war !!!