Flagset 73042 USMC United States Marine Corps Dog Trainer

Product List
1 Body
2 heads
3 Tactical helmet
4 Military cap
5 T blood
6 Military jacket
7 Army pants
8 Army boots
9 Tactical vest
10 collar armor
11 Double rifle magazine bag *1
12 pistol magazine bag *2
13 Hydration bag
14 Tactical main backpack
15 Tactical Sub-Pack A
16 Tactical Sub-Pack B
17 Individual medical kit
18 Kettle
19 Kettle bag
20 Pistol Holster
21 Safety hook *2
22 light stick *4
23 Marking flag *5
24 hands *8
25 rifle
26 Pistol
27 Rifle Magazine *3
28 pistol magazine *3
29 Scope
30 War Dog
31 Towing rope
32 Army Dog Collar
33 Military Rank
34 backpack stickers





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The struggle continues, to produce a properly scaled cover, after all of these years. Like DML’s this one resembles a camouflaged railroad engineer’s hat. At one point, their Marine recoilless rifle figure came with a better, OD cover.
I believe Alert Line did a fair version, also OD.

Butch (Sawgunner on OSW years ago) hand made some fine ones. John (USMCChet) provided the the 1/1 chewing technique to shape covers properly.


The helmet is so large for the figure’s head its almost comical.

Having said that I could go for several loose items from this set, including the figure itself, backpack, camelback and maybe the uniform. The dog’s long leash, the 2-liter canteen and the IED marking flags are also cool.


Oversized gears seem like a perennial problem with female soldiers, but for this figure it seems pretty accurate based on the film.


In this one it looks normal, maybe they’re using several different sized helmets during the shooting or maybe it’s just the filming angle.

The real Megan Leavey seems to be wearing the correct sized helmet.


Finally a female head and body that LOOK military and not a porn star with tons of plastic surgery. I will probably buy those for a kit bash I’ve been planning on doing to resemble Shannon Kent, the Navy cryptologist working with SMU’s in Syria when killed by a suicide bomber. But there just wasn’t a lot of realistic bodies and heads out there. Now it’s time to source clothing similar to what she wore in photos in Syria or something close to it.

I’m in the same boat Angel. The long line is a nice addition, and the flags. Maybe the pack, canteen and hyrdopack.

I would love for the figures with dogs to have some additional accessories for the dog, like those folding water dishes, or a reward toy or treats, as those are commonly used with dog handlers.

And speaking of the dog, this one looks like it has been reused from another previous set. I want to say one of the Toys City sets from a few years back.

I have only a few Marines left in my collection, so on the whole it’s a no go for me. It’s not bad, but not great either. Should this figure have a M1911 or that Glock? That seems a bit odd to me.

I do like the appearance of a proper military looking woman, and if the body is decent, it might be a good buy. But the paint apps on the head aren’t blowing me away. Something about the eyes and the really glossy hair.