Flagset 73043 End War Ghost 2.0

Product List
1 Body
2 heads
3 Fertilizer lining
4 Tactical top
5 Tactical pants
6 Cloak
7 body armor
8 Triple Rifle Magazine Jacket
9 Walkie Talkie Case
10 Tactical Pistol Set
11 rifle
12 Rifle magazine4
13 Pistol
14 pistol magazine
15 Dagger Set
16 Dagger
17 sickle strap
18 Sickle
19 Skeleton Gloves
20 belt
21 Walkie Talkie
22 Tactical headset
23 hand type6
24 boots
25 safety buckle
26 light stick*2
27 Rifle sight A
28 Rifle sight B
29 Rifle Grip
30 bracket


Definitely some loose parts for me. That entry tool looks interesting. And the tattered cape. Interesting dark camo.

To be honest, the whole thing looks cool in individual parts, but I’m not sure there are enough bits for a whole figure for me.


Awful pictures, how can you tell what’s on offer?

The kryptek camo is kind of cool I suppose, but not feeling any of the rest.

Is it me or does Flagset not seem to realise that weaponry is one of the biggest draws in a 1/6 military figure? Their figures almost always have a crappy ar15 as an afterthought.

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Given Flagset’s connection to Soldier Story as an OEM, how do their clothing items compare to those of SS, in terms of quality? I ask because the jacket on their 75th Ranger Regiment and their End War Caesar figures are very similar if not identical to the one from the SS SAD Night ops 2.0, and since the latter is so rare, I’ve been considering getting three of the former for some of my bashes that will wear hooded jacket. I already have 3 each of the Multicam ones from the 26040B and 26040C figures that I planned to dye black, but these days I’m thinking of just using solid black jackets, at least until I can get male-sized hooded and nonhooded ones in MCB.

Accurate to the source material but those gloves look way too clean and too large. That AR looks really basic, I wish they had gone for more of an interesting weapon choice.

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I agree - the gloves really look bad!

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They can make good stuff but their quality control can be kinda iffy. For years they have had issues with the glue on the kneepads and elbow fads failing and staining clothing and they haven’t addressed it. Even with new pieces I’ve seen ones with the glue liquefying and staining, and that goes for the other brands they have produced for. The zippers on their jackets can be problematic at times. Other than that I think they do a good job with their fabrics and patterns and can make nice stuff. If they stopped trying to use the cheapest possible components and materials (outside of fabric) they would be far better off, but their mentality seems to be to always do things on the cheap.


I ordered a couple of the jackets from their end war Caesar K figure (basically the one from the SS SAD 2.0 figure but with some writing on the hood) yesterday for cyber Monday, so it’s good to know that they’ll be decent, so long as I can remove the writing. I’m not sure what I will do for the non-hooded jackets though. I already have some of the low lofts from the 26040C figure that I’ve been planning to dye to resemble MC black, but I’m not sure how well that would turn out. Sourcing other modern ones that already come in black has been a challenge, maybe I should go for some light color ones like the LEAf Alpha from DAM 78065 and dye those black?
I’ve been using rit dyemore for synthetic materials so far, since I’ve read that that’s what 1/6 clothing is made out of.

No idea on the dying but another option you can try to track down is the sets from Wild Toys (ACI).

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I have a line on a few sets of those, though the Flagset jackets I mentioned already take care of my need for hooded jackets, and they look just like those ones you just showed. Plus they’re like $45 per set, when I only really need the jackets. Do you know if they are of better quality than the Flagset ones?

Haven’t tried those ones but the ACI clothing is usually pretty good judging by past products. POP Toys also did this one but the fabric is more like a traditional uniform cotton.

Concerning the non-hooded jackets, do you think that I should try getting some Kryptek Typhoon ones, like the one from this figure, or save stuff in that pattern for bodyguard figures and keep trying for solid black ones?

yeah, they look like gardening gloves lol, hopefully, I can find a good replacement for them when this starts to ship. :grin:

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The Wild Toys (ACI) set of this are quite good. I thought I posted a custom build with the grey version of that set, but I can’t find it now. The quality is quite good, worth the money you spend. I got the grey version of that set, but would love to find a black version as well. I haven’t seen them in quite some time so I suspect most places are sold out on those sets.

The PopToys sets are very similar from what I have seen.

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I can’t speak for the ACI version, but I have a Pop Toys TAD set and it is absolutely great (except for the shoes). Magic Cube also did a TAD Shagmaster set that is ok (the boots and chest rig are not good but the clothes are decent).

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