Flagset PLA 1987 The Sisters Ambulance Team (F73032)

This figure popping up on sites for pre-orders. Nice to see another female figure based on fact rather than fantasy. Like the optional jacket & the other accessories, which enables to have various “looks”. Great flag as well.

Release date sometime in 4th Qtr 2020

Is that a Type 81? Definitely getting the weapon. Thanks for sharing BigD!

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It will be interesting to see if Flagset’s rifle is well done, and sturdy.

Really want a few type-81 rifles to bash a Bangladeshi soldier and Burmese insurgent

That might be an alternative to the H&G rifle I could unfortunately never put my hands on. But I doubt they match in quality.

I am afraid nothing can match H&G quality…

Still happy I managed to get one of their pkm’s a few years back.