Flagset Sayeret Matkal Gear Review

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  • Keela IDF Tactical Combat Shirt (Limited Edition)
  • Keela IDF Tactical Combat Pants (Limited Edition)
    • LBT 0612A Riggers Belt
  • Agilite Gear Front Toward Enemy T-Shirt


  • Ops-Core FAST ST High Cut Ballistic Helmet
    • Agilite Gear Raptor FAST Helmet Cover
    • Agilite Gear Visor Nocturn Goggles Cover
    • L3 AN/PVS-15 Night Vision Binoculars w/ Wilcox L4 G24 Mount
    • NVG Eyecup (Pair)
    • S&S Precision Manta Strobe
    • Agilite Gear Mitznefet
  • Superman/Batman Cap
  • Petzl TacTikka Plus LED Rescue Headlamp
  • Sunglasses

Vest and Pouches:

  • Agilite Gear K5 Plate Carrier
    • Agilite Gear Ammo & Battery Pouch x2
    • Agilite Gear Contractor Ammo Pouch
    • Agilite Gear Advanced Ammo Pouch
    • Radio Pouch
    • Agilite Gear NVGT (Night Vision Goggles Binoculars Tether)
    • Water Bottle Holder
    • Medic Pouch
    • Grenade Pouch x2
  • Agilite Gear AMAP II Backpack
  • Dump Pouch
  • Drop Leg Pouch
  • Drop Leg Panel
    • Holster
    • Small Pouch x2

Tactical Gear:

  • PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves Gen 2
  • Agilite Gear Axis Knee Pads
  • Agilite Gear Felxible Assault Ladder
  • Light Stick (Pink) x3
  • Yates Gear-565 Helo Personal Retention Lanyard
  • Carabiner
  • Shemagh
  • Aquafina Mineral Water 16.9 oz
  • Map


  • Harris Falcon III AN/PRC-152 Radio
    • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X Headset
    • Amplify Nexus U94 PTT


  • IWI Tavor TAR-21 :israel:
    • Magpul EMAG 5.56×45mm (30rd)
    • NATO STANAG Mag 5.56×45mm (30rd) x3
    • MEPRO MH3 M21 Day/Night Illuminated Reflex Sight
    • L3 EOTech ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15)
    • FAB TAL-4 Tactical Vertical Foregrip
    • Silencer
    • Custom Rail Cover
    • IDF Rifle Sling
  • IWI Jericho 941 :israel:
    • Pistol Mag 9×19mm (15rd) x1+1
  • Folding Knife
  • M18 Colored Smoke Grenade


  • Blood Type A+ Pos 2x
  • Israeli Flag Orange (Large)
  • Israeli Flag Green (Small) 2x
  • IDF Insignia Patch
  • Agilite Gear
  • Frog
  • IDF-Star
  • Patch (Limited Edition)

I already did a review of the D&K and DAM IDF gear, which was very comparable to each other due to similar parts and items. This one however contains several new and unique parts so I decided not to join them.

Please note that you can apply this kind of rule here were second tier companies are obviously able to produce nice cloth items, but are lacking quality with the plastic part execution.

Firstly, I am taking a look at the purchased clothing. I aquired the 1/10 suit and patch. This 1/10 practice is very stupid, if you ask me.

The clothing is very decent. Making comparisons to other brands is not always the way to go, but this one is almost on par with the top brands quality wise.

The torso material is made from a semi shiny material and feels much smoother then the sleeves, which have the rough cloth you know from the usual 1/6 BDUs.

The back


The flap for the shoulder badge is sewed onto the top, which is genuine accordingly to th ref pics I saw

Elbow area

Shoulder pocket

Cuffs with velcro

Exemplary zipper (The grey cloth is covering the nude body’s neck. Later, I opted for a neckless body, hence a better look without sth sticking out of the neck area of the uniform)

The top comes with this tiny pouch that attaches via velcro to the sleeve pockets

Wooden stick is used to indicate openings, like the tweezers

The pants are, like the top, a new addition to 1/6, if I am not mistaken.

The only shortcut I spotted so far is a part of the belt

Flagset didn’t make the effort to add a piece of velcro to this piece. Not sure what’s called, but I am used to attach the lanyards here on my models.

Pants with not even one fake pocket

Reinforced knee area

The food width comes with an interesting shape

Let’s get to the knee caps, which are fully functional, but lacking the Agilite brand logo

Straps are not detachable

They slide onto the leg quite easily and remain in place

They also support the full range of motion

Finally, the Agilite T-shirt. As the BDUs, it’s good quality, performs at least with a good fit on the mannequin and is provided with a proper print application as it seems so far (none of these cheap ones, that keep breaking and falling off after some time).

Gloves are unique

Cuffs can be tightened via this velcro band

Bungee loop to attach the gloves to a hook or sth similar

Shemagh made from thinner material than I am used to from Soldier Story e.g.

Did they try to save on costs here by only providing half a shemagh? :laughing: Realized later that the fit around the neck is easier with half a scarf, so no water needed.



The basecap has probably the best shape seen in 1/6

It won’t hold on a mannequin as the cap keeps sliiping off. Therefore I used a headsculpt to demonstarte the fit

Headlamp is basic

Can’t adjust the length of the strap, although it looks like


The temples are not very flexible and barely fit the mannequin. Make sure to use a narrow face/head sculpt.

No details on the back side. Doesn’t matter though

Helmet set

Mitznefet looks very realistic and the colors merge nicely into each other

Other Mitznefets issued so far by D&K and DAM just differ so much and offer great variety

Here the basic FAST helmet with paint application flaws

Poorly applied velcro sticker

Chin strap

Fragile buckle

Agilite helmet cover and accessories

The counter weight pouch for the NVG

I added a pouch filler from another figure release as weight

Inner padding

NVG arm cover

Flap can be opened to use the NVG arm without removing the cover. The two flaps are secured by velcro and holding onto each other to remain in place.
Having this feature might imply that this NVG cover serves a similar purpose as the Mitznefet. To blur or erase the outline of a head/helmet of a soldier to make him less of an aim.

It’s attached like this

There is however no velcro or else to hold the cover in place, it’s just sitting there

NVG and arm mount

Wording is not well done but the WILCOX is visible

No other function than folding it open and closed


You can see the poor execution on this part especially well

Strobe light is basic quality

Positive is the velcro though. I recently checked all my figures and added velcro to all strobe lights with sticky tape only to make it removable. Sticky tape e.g. damaged the velcro on top of my SS085 helmet.

Another problem came up when I wanted to slide on the arm mount.
I am holding the rails of the arm directly next to the helmet mount and you can see by comparing the lenght of the two red lines that this discrepancy is definitely to large to slide it on.
However, the two blue lines indicate the amount of free floating material on the helmet. I compared this FAST helmet to others of my collection and realized that the rail on the helmet for the arm mount is too wide.

In order to fix this I bent the free floating material upwards as you can see in the left hand top corner. Easy enough as it’s super thin and makes me think it’s just excess material anyway that wasn’t removed before boxing the figure. Then I just cut it off with a hobby knife.

Attaching the NVG arm

Cover closed

Flap opened

It’s not exactly level

Radio and headphones

Detail is quite good

Flagset decided to attach a ligh stick to the antenna


Execution is not on point, but fine

This cable is loose and just inserted like this

PTT and cable

Clip is very loose and won’t provide any secure hold

Drop leg panel

The plain panel

No buckle, but hey, at least you can’t break it then (unlike DAM 78058 drop leg panel)

There are these two pouches provided

A long and narrow one

And a square one


Mag pouch (no spare mag included in the box set)

Adjustable strap to secure the pistol

However, it’s sewed up anyway

And I couldn’t fit the pistol

Only way to cut it open

Now it fits

Mag inserted

Whatever this piece is good for. At least not for closing the holster

Completed leg panel.

Dropleg pouch

I got an extra belt you know already from the uniform in the beginning

Drop leg pouch and panel are attached here

Vest and pouches

Front opening

Back opening is secured with a string

The inside

Front zipper

It’s the opening to the space where the plate were supposed to be

Also no plate for the back

Detach like this, just by unhooking/unhinging

Opening the shoulder straps

I actually forgot to attach the dump pouch to the belt. So here it is

FIrstly the ammo pouches

Battery & Ammo

The real one fits 3 mags. This one is limited to 2, unless you squeeze them in really hard

I inserted light sticks here

I am thinking of adding SS085 batteries here


The advanced pouch only differs in this compartment. Maybe for an ID

Contractor pouch

I guess these are for grenades

So I added DAM M26 grenades

Med pouch

Both zippers give access to the same space

Radio pouch

Water bottle holder


The velcro at the sides to attach it to the vest is very poor quality

The backpack

Originally comes with straps, but Flagset didn’t add any for this box set


Somehow all Israeli gear focusses on being able to carry a helmet

This is the way to attach the backpack to the vest, I guess

Completed vest

Tactical Gear

The lanyard is functional, but comes without any wording. Also the plastic quality is only medium as you can see and feel

Carabiner opens to the outside. Didn’t know these exist before. They are included with several Flagset releases

Water bottle

Nice feature to be able to open the screw top. No twisting needed, just pull it off

Small light sticks

They are light pink


As you can see, they changed the design and moved away from the previewed item

Map shows the whole country. Israel is tiny, so this scale might be even useful


Pocket knife I have seen already with other releases, but I can’t recall which one

You probably need sth sharp to unfold the blade as my finger nails didn’t do the job

There is a tiny clip to attach it to a MOLLE webbing e.g.

Smoke grenade

941 Jericho

If you think you have seen this one already, you are not mistaken. It’s the D&K one.

IWI logo on both sides

No working parts as hammer or takedown lever

Only the slide is operatable

Iron sights



As you can see, that next to the 941, the Tavor is straight from D&K, too

If you are going for execution and quality, then DAM will be definitely your Tavor choice. However, this differs slightly and might add variation to your collection.
The Flagset/D&K one has this unique rail at the handguard, which was initially meant for a under barrel GL. No company went there so far though.
Most pressing reason to buy this very rifle would be the tan color in my opinion.

Working charging handle, which is reasonable stiff. Fire selector is glued in

IWI logo

Barrel and handguard

Here the removable rail

Foldable iron sights

Rear sight is stuck due to paint on both of my rifles



Rail cover with Israel flag. Very hard to find one with a level flag. Bad print application job most of the time.

MEPRO should be same from D&K. Even the lense comes in the same purple color.



Good fit on the muzzle, but lack of details

Sling is asme s D&K

Small pocket

The hooks are rigid, so cannot be closed, but this bares no issue for me

The overlapping cloth is enough to keep them attached to the sling swivels and not fall off

The Tavor comes with 1 inserted EMAG

This rubber band is a poor attempt to make it remain in the magwell. At least they did something. I know enough brands that provide loose mags that fall straight out. As the band is very tight, I didn’t attempt to remove it for checking the hold without.

Ranger plate can be removed

The rest of the mags come as STANAG

Completed rifle

Finished and geared up

Flagset - DAM - D&K

If you wanna see DAM’s and D&K’s Tavors compared, click the Link to the Israeli gear review

I tried not to comment on the plastic items to much, unless there are major flaws or nice details, so consider all plastic gear Very Hot/Mini Times quality in general.

If you are into foreign forces you should be safe picking up a box set of this. As some parts suffer from certain flaws, others shine. What’s actually saving this figure is the unique gear and pretty neat Agilite Gear items.
Please note that I can’t comment on boots, headsculpt and body.

As a side note. D&K complained once about Flagset using their parts without permission. That was an accusation I didn’t really follow up on. So I am not sure, if Flagset owned the molds as an OEM and therefore had the rights to commercially use them. But it seems like that Flagset found a way in the end to makes use of the Tavor and Jericho molds without getting into too much trouble.


Impressive and comprehensive review once again chpo. Looks like a good set despite the quality on some of the plastics.

Impressive review again … with these close-up photos, you make me discover a number of unsuspected details that manufacturers offer … just perfect. :wink:

Full detailled review : Thanks for the sharing @chpo.

Where do you get this “grey” edition, please ?

Hey @Axi_Run, just picked it up somewhere on ebay directly after I saw this figure being released. Never spotted it anywhere else. As it is 1/10, which I hate, it will be similarly hard to obtain as the former M-069A MCToys green suit.

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