Flagset Teaser - 73014 75th Ranger Regiment Reconnaissance Team in Afghanistan

Looks like their usual level of effort…

I wonder they manage to produce some decent loose parts from time to time. So they are not completely using remolds.

It is a house brand for an OEM manufacturer so they have the freedom to make their own molds/materials or they will reuse those of previous customers, like Caltek and Soldier Story. It will be interesting to count how many reused parts when they do the full reveal of this one. Will be funny if they reuse the same black tshirt from Soldier Story that stained a whole bunch of the headsculpts of their previous Flagset releases. Sometimes you should just throw things in the garbage, lest they turn nearby things into garbage.

Yeah, looks like crap to me.

Yeah, let’s say through in a crappy body, an AR-15 based rifle, no special camo suit and ready. Flagset only surprised me so far with their Chinese PLA QBZ95 longbow and their Snow Leopard shield.

Do US soldiers wear ponchos in Afghanistan?

I’m a bit weirded out by the title featured on some sites:

The US 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan Revenge Team Member - Flagset 1/6 Scale

It whiffs of extracurricular activities, in a place where it is easy to go wrong.