That stock is…bizarre. Reminds me of this old joke


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I liked the attachments, but the stock is definitely butt ugly. Maybe you can push the cheek piece down into normal position.

LMAO at the boot ref. I’ve never had an opportunity to handle/fire a SCAR, to hopefully override the initial difference of its appearance.

I’ve always preferred it with the slightly smaller profile ACR stock swapped in but it has always come of as slightly unwieldy.


The last pic (above), that is a SCAR-H ?
Having never handled one of these, I wonder how much of its apparent size is the result of perspective, and even the size of the person holding it. The magazine, and mag well look “gi-hugeous”.

It’s a Scar-H with Kinetic’s ACR stock as well as their extended front end rail. I’ve only ever handled a 1:1 sized replica, but they do take a bit of getting used to as they are on the larger side and not the most ergonomic thing to handle. Other than their tendency to blow out suppressors they seemed well regarded by the units that used them.