FN MK17 Platform

Still one of my favorite looking rifles to date.

When I see this, Soldier Story’s 2014 EXPO display comes to my mind

Dammit SS, RELEASE THEM ALL. Perhaps they could do a weapon set like the M4/M203 from a few years back?

So the bottom rail is attached to the barrel assembly? Interesting. That’s a detail not replicated in 1/6.

At least we get the MK17 AOR with the Voodoo figure. But all these different barrel lengths.

This is from SS 2015 EXPO

I don’t understand either. E&S showed that they can sell really good if you offer the proper rifle with proper attachments. SS only did a helmet set besides the M203 so far.

I didn’t look so closely so far. Good find!

They have done some other stuff like their weapon rack, fuel cans and the German ISAF uniform set but it seems like a once a year thing at best. Very Hot has shown there can be a market given they manufacture a large number of the various brands of boxed and bagged accessories on the market. Would be nice to have some affordable gear to fill in the months where there aren’t many products coming out. I suspect one thing that may be complicating this is that some of the brands don’t own the tooling for some of their older products.

Shame the MK17 is being phased out by the US.

Where’d you hear that Adam? See this is why I miss militataryphotos so much.

I believe it was over at Soldiersystems. SOCOM pulled the funding for the existing program and as the rifles die they aren’t being replaced. Sounds like it had more to do with shifting funding buckets around more than any real issues. Army put out a solicitation for 7.62 rifles so it is possible they may bid again.

Well that’s messed up. i wonder if it’s due to operators not liking the system or finding a replacement like they did for the M110. It can’t be a funding issue, SOCOM has always had a large budgit. I’ll have to look into this some more.