FN P90 from ASTOYS and ARMSHEAD Parts

I got the ARMSHEAD one and it’s shite

However, I extracted the rails and will join it with an ASTOYS P90

Work in progress


By the way, they all seem to be based on the former HT moulds.

Plain smg


Extended rail with silencer. HT silencer needed some sanding on the silver adapter thing to fit.

Partially assembled

Now I need to figure out the scope, light and further attachments


looks great how hard was it to take that rail off
i have always liked the old DRAGON models FNP 90

It’s an entity, however it was somehow connected to the rifle via melted plastic. Like in a welding process. Only on two spots though, so I could carefully break it off.
In the end they are both Hot Toys based and out of scale like I heard. Never found a loose DML P90 which should be superior due to @AdamC and @scrib

ive got 2 left in my collection and hot toys weapons to me have always been over sized especially their EBR