found my unicorn

been searching high and low for the generals armory LVO rifles the foliage green one mainly
well this came in today

so stoked lol


Ahh cool. Congrats on picking it up.

i think im in trouble with the wife for making such a large purchase right here at christmas LOL

I have the green LVOA rifle, but tried to get another one. Near impossible! Good catch.

By the way, was it you who recently managed to get the DAM EF001-005 M4 sets?

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yes it was all but the black one with the grenade launcher found them in a store in manila through a page on face book had to wire the guy the money it was real sketchy AF but he came through and really good dude

I know this. It’s always a risk, but if you want sth so badly, it might be worth it. Some stores in Phillipines, Indonesia, Kore or Thailand having rare stuff that’s sold out everywhere else. Only problem might be language barrier, payment or no international shipping provided.

Last time I got sth from Indonesia I received a heavily damaged item and got more or less scammed.

i seen the entire set on ACE hobby out of China i believe the site was so sketchy i just left it alone and said well im done searching i joined a couple of FB groups found a place called 1/6thmanila and messaged him he had five rifles one was a double but i was cool with that
ive never ordered from over seas so i was very skeptical about it all

Nice find. Only wanted to get the green and black versions as the bronze one didn’t fit any practical use for me.

That green one was pretty awesome. I would love a second one.

Adam C hooked me up with the latest GA ones recently too, and they are pretty awesome as well.

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