France GIGN - CZ 806 BREN 2

GIGN ordered these last year as phased in replacements for their HK 416 rifles.

I hope 1/6 will follow. Especially in combination with an up to date GIGN.

That’s surprising that they’re not sticking with HK. Says something about this platform with a top notch unit like GIGN using it.

Like other special operations type units, GIGN seems to maintain a diverse arsenal. They are all about the tool for the job, and it seems, individual preference.
Count me in, if any more GIGN figures are done, I love the ones I have, but updates would be welcome. I’d like to see some of the non-coverall uniforms they wear, including the short jackets, and service caps (piss-cutters).

I’d also like to see a figure done along the lines of the cops in the series ‘Braquo’. Jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets, “POLICE” arm brassards for response situations, light body armor, concealed weapons and shotguns or assault rifles.

Which you got? Both from Hot Toys and the Medicom GIGN?

I am in for this!

I have the Hot Toys versions, and some bits from the early Medicom (coveralls and a few other pieces), courtesy of a buddy (dave70b on OSW). He gave me an unpainted recast of a revolver, which looks like a S&W Model 15 or 19. The HT revolvers are nice, but I’d like to have some more accurate Manurhin MR73s in 1:6 SCALE. For that matter, I wish I’d gotten a 1:1 Manurhin, before they became so expensive.


Here’s a good blueprint for a new GIGN figure. DAM could turn out a blue combat suit (is this 2 piece?), and this “heavy” armor, along with the CZ, and that slick helmet and shield.

Tactical onesie from the Germans. Apparently this along with another from SOD Gear are the two mainly used now although the old onesie still gets used by some from time to time. The plate carrier they are currently using is the NFM Trym (GIGN).

The Germans also take care of one of the helmets these days:

MSA still supplies one model used alongside the above, one you may recognize from the ES French Breacher:

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