Free Burma Rangers - Valor against the odds

I had never heard of this outfit, until a few days ago. Oddly enough, a fairly obscure program on PRI included a segment on their organization, and a deployment in Iraq. While they include personnel with extensive military experience, and are armed in some situations, much of their work is in rescue, medical aid, training, and documentation of the plight of oppressed peoples. In the jungles of Burma and SE Asia, or ISIS-infested Mosul, they put their lives on the line, for others.

Their webpage, with memorials for fallen Rangers, in Burma -

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Quite interesting. Also my first time hearing of them. Actually a bit sad this has not so much of publicity. I visited their website and read some articles. Seems very dangerous.

In the program I listened to, the man carrying the little girl spoke of moving into a kill zone with his fellow volunteers, to gather wounded from among the dead. The “street” was a wide highway, and ISIS had massacred many civilians. He talked an Iraqi commander into letting him use a single Abrams tank for cover, advancing slowly, under fire. These veterans knew how bad things were, and went in, anyway. With them, was an Iraqi enlisted man, who also showed great courage.

I am intrigued by their appearance, and that while armed, they put their rescue mission ahead of all other concerns.