French GCP in Mail Plate Carrier Question

How’s it going everyone, brand new to the forum but a 1/6 hobby veteran. I’ve been making a gear list to kit bash a French Parachute commando in Mali around 2016 and the pickings of plate carriers on my favorite 1/6 stores and eBay is somewhat limited. I’m by no means a French military expert and I don’t have much knowledge on what gear they use besides reference pictures. I do have a TYR pico plate carrier from the DAM DEA SRT set. Would it be within the realm of possibility for such a plate carrier to be utilized with French parachute commandos? Thanks!

Welcome aboard! I’m not an expert, but i think the Pico PC would work fine. Incidentally, I’m working on a GCP figure and have come across some reference pics you may find useful:


Thanks Canuck! Much Appreciated!

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Once you do get everything I bet it’s going to look good.

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Thanks man! I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much CCE camo.

Welcome to the show ZJ79.

Canuck loves to research stuff for his own figures, so reference pics are really handy when doing a custom build.

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