French SOFs images

Yeah, instead of being asleep (segmented sleep today), I Google searched “Foreign Legion Sniper”, and that way lies much complication…and good imagery.

To start things off, this interesting “ninja”, with what seems to be an MP5SD, somewhat cluttered in with an underlying FAMAS.


An assortment of French military, who get around quite a bit.
They avail themselves of a variety of weapons, for the tasks at hand.

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That last pic is of a legionnaire who is Romanian, part of a series of images of legionnaires of various nationalities, fittingly.

A few more shots of French forces:

Galatz sniper rifle, this was news to me. I’d like to see it done in 1:6, rather than having to sacrifice one of my Galils for conversion.

Legionnaires wearing a mix of arid and temperate camo. Once more, I find myself wishing that ACE would revisit their Legion sniper, or follow on with another version.

Legionnaires with what I think includes the assault vest/LBE, that came with bbi’s legionnaire. Underneath, they are wearing body armor (plate carriers?). Quite an assortment of weapons, too.

They seem to have quite the latitude on weapons choice. They seem to be heavily H&K for new contracts of late, but that seems par for course for most of Europe. Hard to believe that we have only seen two legionnaire figures over the long course of this hobby.

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True, mostly the bbi and ACE figures have been it for the modern FFL, other than Armory’s early Legion para, and the old Hasbro figure. Little French Army’s Indochina figure, followed by the Algerian war Colonial Paratrooper, gave me some hope of follow on subjects. There was also the French arid camo uniform from ReloadAction, an outfit which showed so much promise, now gone.

My failure to buy extras, when available, is among my big regrets in the hobby.

I wish Ace would get back to doing some projects like that through the Reload Action sub-brand. They are at their best when they are tackling unique subjects rather than trying to catch on to fads.

I know what you mean about stocking up on extras. Some of the products come and go quickly, especially these days. I try to set things aside or stock up but always find something to gripe about missing out on.

What I find when I dig out some thumb drives that have been gathering dust in a drawer.

Below: Legion, Marine, and SFs, in Mali and Djibouti…

@Murakami Great pictures!

By the way, BBI made a nice French figure as well. Leon Davert? I think they called him, with the best 1/6 FAMAS up to date.

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